How to Choose the Best Oven for Your  Kitchen

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If you’ve outgrown your starter home and would like to move into a bigger one, you will be considering the size and style of kitchen that you want among other rooms in the house. If you love to spend time in the kitchen, whipping up healthy recipes for your family, you should have a reliable oven that can help you do your job well. With all the varying models of kitchen ovens on the market, it can be overwhelming to look for the perfect one for your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you choose:


The first thing that you have to consider is your budget. Once you have a set budget in mind, it will be easier to narrow down your choices and you won’t be wasting valuable time looking at ovens that are way beyond your budget.


You should base the size of your oven on the space you have in your kitchen. You also have to think about your kitchen layout and consider your overall design scheme when choosing one. In general, standard ovens have widths ranging from 27 inches to 30 inches. Measure the area allocated for the oven to make sure that the one you choose will fit well. If you already have existing pans and baking sheets, you may also want to consider whether they will fit so you don’t have to replace them.

Type of Oven

You will want to look at all your options and consider their features before deciding which type of oven will be the right fit. You will have to think about whether you would like to install a wall oven with a separate range top or a combination range and oven. Choose a wall oven if you want something that takes less cubic space. They are also great if you don’t like the idea of always having to bend over when you need to bake or cook food.

You will also have to narrow down your choice of oven depending on its functionality. The decision is primarily based on the cooking methods that you are most likely going to use. The basic oven types that you have to choose from are:

  • Conventional

  • Convection

  • Microwave

  • Steam

  • Combination

  • Wood

For you to be able to choose appropriately, you should understand the functionality of each one.


Ovens can also come in many different colors. The most popular choice of homemakers is stainless steel ovens since they are easy to pair with any design scheme. More recently, black ovens are also gaining popularity because of their elegant finish and overall look. White ovens are great for pairing with light-colored cabinets. If you are not going to update any of your other kitchen appliances, get the one that matches them so you can get a seamless look.

Electric Oven vs. Gas Oven

Don’t buy an oven without considering your existing power source. Most wall ovens use electricity, while range units are available in gas and electric models. If it would be of any help, gas ovens are more cost-effective to operate whereas, electric ovens are more economical to buy, according to Consumer Energy Center.

Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning kitchen appliances may be a tedious process for some. So, if you are not a fan of cleaning ovens, opt for a self-cleaning one. They also provide better insulation, saving you tons of money on utility bills.

Your choice of kitchen oven depends on your current lifestyle and requirement. It is also essential to read the owner’s manual so you can operate it appropriately and reduce the need for an oven repair. Check the unit regularly to ensure that you are running it at optimal levels.

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