Time to upgrade? Serious signs that show you have outgrown your starter home  

The starter home should be the one with the best of memories, the moment when you first got your first house, moving out of a rented apartment into your own starter house, it may be the first house where you got your firstborn or got married or engaged in, this is a home with a lot of attachment and ultimately reminds every person of the time when they were starting out in life, the good and the bad.

However, as time goes by, there comes a time when every person has to graduate from the starter home to a larger and more comfortable living space, there comes a time when the starter home space is not enough for the whole family, there comes a time to move on to the dream house, with larger spaces, more rooms and possibly a garden in the backyard. The following are the top signs that show that it is time to upgrade from your starter home.

1. You Shy Away from Hosting Family And Friends 

If you always shy away from inviting family and friends to come and witness various milestones within your life, or just for a visit, because you lack enough space to accommodate them, then, you might have overgrown your starter home, it might be time to move on to the next stage of housing. If you are a social person, you might like family coming once in a while to pay visits, then, getting a better and bigger house should be a great idea. 

2. Stacking Up Boxes Everywhere

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If you ever find yourself storing household staff in boxes, and then stuffing them in a corner, or having one room as the storeroom where all the stacked up boxes are placed, then it is time to move. It means that you have outgrown your house, the household staff, and possessions that you have are more than the space you have. In a much bigger house, stacking up in boxes will not be necessary, because there will be enough space to place every item where it belongs.

3. Home Inconvenience 

When you first bought the house, the family size was small, the house was close to the place you worked, and there were no children to go to school, today, you work for a different company where you have to drive for hours or take a train, your children have to travel long distances before they can get to school, the house is small for everyone. The house was great then, but now, you have overgrown and need to take the next step in life, and that is moving. First of all, check real estate agent lists where you can find someone who can advise you on how to sell the house and then options to buy a house. Upnest is a platform with the best realtors who can help you achieve this milestone of moving from your starter house to your dream home.

4. If You Share Your Bathrooms

When you first bought your starter home, you were few in the house, but today, the family has grown, and you share your bathroom with the kids. That is a clear sign that you need a bigger house with more showers and tabs. If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, be sure that your kids are terrified to share washrooms with their parents. 

Want to Upgrade?

Upgrading might mean that you will need to sell a house, and then buy another home. That means that you will have to find a realtor. Upnest platform provides the best podium where real estate agents can be found within any location. Agents will help you sell a house, and also help you plan on getting your dream house given the amount of money that you have. So Upnest.com is the best platform where you can find realtors online who can make your dream to own home come to reality.