Laura Pegler Discusses How Defense Contractors are Providing Jobs to American Families

A number of the world’s largest defense contractors are located in the United States, providing jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Working for a private defense contractor comes with many perks, some more obvious than others and if you are committed to joining this lavish industry, you can be the recipient of these dividends.

Having worked as a contractor and PMP in a project management capacity for several notable companies, Laura Pegler’s previous experience makes her a massive supporter of private defense contractors. She explains a few of the major pros of being associated with such a business.

Adequate Compensation

Directive 8570 and 8140 stipulate that one must attain certain baseline certifications such as Security+, to handle secure information and commence their career within a private defense contractor.

According to Laura Pegler, defense contractors are prepared to tie you down with significant payments, as they demand that all certified individuals dutifully meet the requirements that are found in their contracts. Put in the time to get certified, and you are certain to be heavily compensated for your skills. In fact, According to an internal Pentagon study, the average Defense Department contractor is paid nearly $200,000 per year.

In addition to salary, a government position such as that of a defense contractor will offer more than satisfactory benefits. The U.S. government also mandates that all government workers receive the same pay, regardless of age, gender, or race.

Performing Vital Work

A job in the defense industry could entail you safeguarding the American cyberspace or being instrumental in the development of future, crucial technology. Here and abroad, the defense industry supports the military and its critical efforts.

Companies and governments have shown a vulnerability recently, being exposed by cyber attacks that can damage infrastructure and breach or steal valuable data. Today’s defense contractors are intended to protect the country from cyber terrors of this sort, so it is an understatement to express that you will assume an imperative role in this industry.

Take Full Advantage of Your Security Clearance

An active security clearance will afford you the ability to command higher, outstanding pay structures from defense contractors. On average, contractors with a security clearance managed to rake in $15,000 dollars more in earnings than their government co-workers, Laura Pegler states. These workers are constantly sought out and it will only increase as the U.S. understands the threat of cyber warfare and the enormous lack of reputable cybersecurity experts present in this field. For example, a network security administrator working with a defense contractor can earn up to $83,000 dollars in salary. Entry-level jobs can even reward you greatly.

Noted Education Benefits

Defense contractors are also attractive options because of the educational benefits that they offer to their workers to ensure all remain certified and compliant. One can use these benefits to elevate his or her status and continuously ascend in their career, adding new certifications to their resume. With the certifications as well, employees will have a sense of job security and will be more valuable to their employers and will not be easily replaceable.

Examine your company’s policies to confirm that you will not encounter any timeline issues, since numerous private defense contractors obligate employees to continue working for the company a number of months after successful completion of their class. Read the fine print.

Working with Unique Technology

Defense industries are renowned for utilizing brand new technology, inaccessible elsewhere. Although you might not envision yourself working as a contractor for the duration of your life, your experience working with DoD contractors will be a priceless asset.

Laura Pegler is adamant that defense technology eventually becomes incorporated into everyday civilian life. The internet itself was created by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. A career in the defense industry will allow you to utilize these extraordinary technologies before they are available to the general public.

Final Thoughts from Laura Pegler

Finally, working as a defense contractor awards the opportunity to work with some fascinating co-workers. Employees of a defense contractor are usually distinct in their past experiences and particular qualifications, notes Laura Pegler.

While many might have endured a stint or two working with the armed forces, there will be others who extensively studied the technology that they were now hired to work with. Simply being in the vicinity of such a remarkable collection of bright minds will expand your intellect on various subjects.