Top Smart Home Gadgets of 2019 that Practically Clean Your Home

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Smart home gadgets are on the rise, and these gadgets are doing more than automatically adjusting your thermostat. We’re now seeing robotic vacuums, cat litter cleaners and even robot mops that do all of your mopping for you.

Check out these five top smart home gadgets for 2019.

1. Gutter Cleaning Robots

Gutter cleaning is costly. You’ll either have to climb up on a ladder and do the cleaning on your own, or you’ll have to hire someone to do the work for you. These robots are quite small, spanning two inches in height and three inches in width.

Battery-powered, these robots carry out a four-stage cleaning process that will be able to scoop up all of the debris in your gutters and remove it.

The one-button operation allows the user to start the multi-stage cleaning process. The only slight issue is that a lot of the gutter cleaning robots tend to get stuck in the gutters.

2. Automatic Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the least favorite household chores. No one wants to have to vacuum, but now you can vacuum without lifting a finger. Quiet and precise, automatic vacuums come with camera navigation, can avoid obstacles and don’t get confused when going from one flooring type to another.

HEPA filters are included with many of these vacuums, and this allows the vacuum to capture 99% of allergens. You can also schedule the vacuum to do two passes to ensure that the space is fully clean.

3. Robotic Mops

Mopping takes a lot of time, but Braava is changing all of that. Robotic mops are designed to clean multiple rooms and large spaces. You can use these mops on your bathroom or kitchen floors. Electrostatic force is used to sweep the floor, while the wicking fibers take care of the floor’s mopping.

Connect the mop to your smartphone, and you can control everything:

  • Customize cleaning
  • Select rooms you want cleaned
  • Schedule your cleaning

It’s the hands-free way to mop your floor – even if you’re not at home.

4. Smart Automatic Litter Boxes

Cats are great, loyal animals, but no one wants to clean out their litter boxes. Cat urine is potent, and the aroma can make some people gag. Catolet has created a smart litter box that will connect to your water supply and sewer system.

The litter box takes care of cleaning your cat’s waste, so you don’t have to.

Fully autonomous, the system uses an ultraviolet disinfection, conveyor type removal and also has a mobile application. It’s a simple and easy way to take care of those pesky cat litter problems no pet owner wants to deal with.

5. Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaning is no longer on your Saturday to-do list. Automatic pool cleaners are also available that will be able to clean your pool while you’re sleeping at night – or whenever you choose. Nautilus is a robot pool cleaner that installs quickly and can handle inground pools up to 50-feet long.

The only issue is that it’s often hard to get these pool cleaners out of the water.

Aside from that, they work well and will clean the entire pool without any assistance from you.

You’ll also find that there are toilet bowl cleaning systems, microwave cleaners and other automatic cleaning options that take care of your home cleaning for you. Some of these technologies are still in their infancy, but others, such as the robotic vacuum, are nearly perfected.

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  • November 29, 2019 at 5:15 AM

    Tell me which polish and which manufacturer is better to choose? I have considered water-based options, manufacturers recommend wood floor polish, but the price is not that great. Can someone tell me alternative options, more affordable?

  • June 16, 2019 at 10:34 PM

    Robotic litter boxes are expensive and prone to failure. Instead, try the innovative litter systems that use permanent litter like Tidy Cats Breeze or the Cat-illac Cat Toilet. With these systems you never have to buy or change litter again and stop filling our landfill sites with millions of tons of litter. Although the Breeze system uses litter pads that need to be replaced, the Cat-illac system uses a large holding tank that you just pour into your toilet. These are very easy to use and I highly recommend them.

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