How Can A Company Whistleblower Protect Themselves

Whistleblowers expose immoral or unlawful activities in organizations. They risk their security to expose abusers and bring justice to the abused.

But some companies discourage employees from reporting misdeeds. They don’t even offer protection for them.

Indeed, many people with special information about human rights violations are afraid to tell this with the authorities. But the work of the SEC whistleblower is important for preventing further human rights abuses. The authorities rely on whistleblowers to fight against fraud. This is because they can be a good source of information about ethical violations.

Learn how to protect yourself if you are in a situation where you have information that will expose anomalies. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Write your Complaint

Put your complaint into writing and file it with your human resource officer or manager. It is good to voice your concerns to the perpetrators only if your safety is not compromised. With a written complaint, you can achieve positive change in your organization in the end.

If it’s in writing, your company can have a record of it. This can prevent further misunderstandings between you and the office you belong to. Sign the complaint and obtain a personal copy of it.

You can opt not to use your name to protect yourself. With this, your employer cannot punish you if they don’t know who among the employees reported the issue.

2. Document Everything

After filing the complaint, keep a record of things that happen to you. In some instances, the employer appreciates honesty whenever the employee blows the whistle. But in some cases, the employee can be treated badly in the workplace.

If these events happen, record the place, time, and date in which it took place. With this, it will be easier for your lawyer to put the defense into place.

Your organization can possibly delete all documents in the future. Print the emails you send and every evidence you have. Store it in a safe place in your office or house. With this, you can come forward in the court with hard evidence.

Having evidence can prevent you from being sued for defamation. Document the letters, phone calls, emails, and video footage.

3. Be Careful Who to Disclose the Information

Indeed, you must be careful about disclosing the information that you have. You can tell one colleague, journalist, or authorities about these things. Here are some tips:

  • Colleague-Tell one trusted colleague the things you did. Your colleague can act as a witness in the court. He or she can support you in the office. He can act as the eyes and ears while you are away in the workplace.

  • Journalist-Reach out to journalists because they regularly report human rights violations. They will never disclose a source without your permission. Media has a wide audience which can help you capture public awareness over your disclosure.

  • Authorities-Moreover, research which authorities to disclose the information that you have. They can provide you with the protection that you need. They will investigate the information provided. Prioritize your safety as you contact the authorities.

Look for options on how to transmit safely your information. Contact the authorities for support. As soon as they receive your information, they will assess it, and make a decision as to whether or not they should investigate it.

Limit your discussions to people. There are cases where the life of the whistleblowers has been compromised by the family members. They were bribed and intimidated. Thus, you must be very careful of who to share your information with.

4. Follow the Rules

Abide by the company rules and treat your supervisors with respect. Be a good employee and do not give your employer any reason to fire you.

Do not make false claims and never stretch information. As much as possible, follow all the legal steps in disclosing the information. Be a model employee to keep you on the safe side.

5. Hire a Lawyer

Hire a lawyer who can defend and stay with you throughout the fight. As you forward your cause in the court, the other party can file you with defamation. Thus, you must have experienced lawyers to defend you against lawsuits.


Remember that what you are doing is the right thing. If you are working in a place where illegalities occur, make sure to report it to the authorities right away. Report to your human resource officer or manager the information you have. File the complaint together with evidence to support your claims.

If you want to expose fraudulent activities that affect the organization and our economy, seek the help of the SEC. They can provide you with protection to make you safe. With this, you can proceed with your daily routine without any problems. The whistleblower laws are created to protect people the same as you. So, you must not be scared to do the right thing.

The world definitely needs whistleblowers in order to stop fraud among companies or organizations. Do your job with honesty and focus on your goals. Know your rights and consult the authorities for protection.