The Cutting-Edge Health and Wellness Trends You Need to Know

With 2019 coming to a close and 2020 soon approaching, many people will be starting to think about their own health goals for the new year. With this, they will be looking to the latest trends and at what everyone is talking about in the industry. With that, here are some of our predictions for the biggest trends for 2020.

Digital detoxing

This is a new phrase we’ve seen in 2019 that we expect to see pop up more in the next year. Digital detoxing has come about as a natural way to fight against our reliance on being constantly connected to our devices. Mobile phone addiction is a real thing, and people are starting to lose essential skills that you need to communicate and bond in person. Social media, in particular, is seen as toxic for the way our brains deal with comparing ourselves to others and getting our self-worth from the amounts of likes and shares we get. Putting down the phones and experiencing things for when they are is definitely a trend to look out for.

Vaginal care

Vaginal care or ‘V-care’ has been building this year and is set to become even more talked about in 2020. Positive steps have already been taken by women to be proud of and reclaim their bodies, but this is now moving to how we talk about vaginal care. A clear example of this is the rise in apps that allow you to track your menstrual cycle and understand how your period affects you. Understanding this will enable women to make decisions that come from understanding their bodies themselves and not taking the word of someone else.

DNA testing

As DNA and epigenetics technology improves, the ability to understand who we are through our DNA and make positive decisions based on this also improves. Many athletes have been using DNA testing to understand where their body is underperforming, and this technology is becoming increasingly available to the general public. DNA testing allows you to create a diet and training regime that takes into account the deficiencies your body has. Wellness facilities like have been using techniques like this for some time, but you can now order DNA testing kits online and have the results posted to you.

CBD tea

CBD is one of the key trends we’ve seen in 2019, and the hemp-extracted compound is being used in oils and skincare already. The benefits include aiding sleep, reducing stress, and helping muscle soreness. CBD tea is one of the most efficient and least intrusive ways of consuming the compound, and as the benefits continue to become more well-known, people will look to ways to add it to their daily routine.


This is the prescription of being out in nature for people that are feeling anxious or depressed. Interestingly, a center in Manchester started to use gardening as a prescription for people with both of these conditions and had positive effects. We can see this becoming more commonplace across the west, so keep a lookout for this appearing more in 2020.