FBI investigating computer hack, possible ransom demand at MedStar Health

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The FBI is investigating a computer hack and a possible ransom demand at Baltimore area MedStar hospital, according to sources familiar with the incident.

Because of this situation, staff at the affected locations cannot get into their computers, leaving personnel to conduct business with pen and paper.

FBI Media Coordinator Dave Fitz confirmed that the agency is  assisting with the investigation, however Fitz could not confirm at this time that a ransom demand has been made, nor could he say how many locations are affected.

Also undetermined at this time is whether or not patient information has been breached.

Several attempts to reach a spokesperson for MedStar Health have been unsuccessful, however the Post-Examiner has learned a press release is in the works. We will update this story as more information becomes available.


Sources tell the Baltimore Post-Examiner that all Baltimore and Washington D.C. locations of MedStar Health have been affected by a virus attack.  This includes Medstar Washington Hospital Center where, we are told, they cannot access any records for patient appointments. The following statement was released by MedStar Health:

“Early this morning, MedStar Health’s IT system was affected by a virus that prevents certain users from logging-in to our system. MedStar acted quickly with a decision to take down all system interfaces to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the organization. We are working with our IT and Cyber-security partners to fully assess and address the situation.

“Currently, all of our clinical facilities remain open and functioning. We have no evidence that information has been compromised. The organization has moved to back-up systems paper transactions where necessary.”


One thought on “FBI investigating computer hack, possible ransom demand at MedStar Health

  • March 28, 2016 at 8:19 PM

    CBO office is not on line . Staff was not informed until they heard about it on the news when they got home. Nobody from Management gave any info about hat was happening. Sad that a company this big so worried about moral never informed anyone what as going on . I can tell you right now it will not be fixed as of 8 am tomorrow either


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