Digital Marketing Expert Liridon Vrapca on the Evolution and Future of Social Media Marketing

As users of all ages continue to snap pics of their food, share selfies with their loved ones, and crack lucrative deals through their LinkedIn network, the future of social media marketing looks exciting, and ‘engagement’ is the buzzword. Digital marketing expert Liridon Vrapca shares crucial insights into social media as it treads the path of evolution.

Socializing is the name of the game

Vrapca emphasizes that if brands want to be successful, they must devise engaging social activities for their users to partake in. He says, “You should act more like a friend and less as a brand. That’s when your users will like to hang out with you more.” Take an example of a brand that is successful on social media. It never fails to mix socially with their target group. Vrapca further explains, “It’s not about you; it’s about your customers. Talk like them, behave like them, become them.”

The potential of live streaming

Users are becoming more and more immersed in live feeds. As part of a social strategy, live streaming is already in vogue, but it’s still not a large scale. Going forward, more brands will embrace live streaming for marketing.

Liridon Vrapca (Courtesy photo)

Speedy redressal on social

Vrapca sees social customer service becoming commonplace in the future. He highlights, “Currently, less than 31% of businesses are actively using social platforms to address consumer grievances. Many of them don’t have enough budgets to manage it for now, but it will become almost impossible for brands to ignore user complaints online as we dart ahead.” PayPal is one of the prime examples of brands that clearly points where social customer service is going. Its customer support team keeps a check on all brand mentions to promptly resolve customer gripes.

Social visualization

It’s altering content strategies. Vrapca shares, “An image equals a thousand words. This is way more than 140 characters. That’s the reason why Twitter had acquired Periscope. It’s why Instagram continues to inspire the ever-growing photo-obsessed community.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand or an individual; visuals make its way into everyone’s social feeds. This means it’s more important than ever to maintain and enhance the brand’s quality of visual content. When the conceptual content hits the right chord, conversions will follow through.

Ideas will rule the roost

Ideas have always been driving quality brand engagement. Marketing, be it social or otherwise, should always be about the big ideas. And they need to get as compelling as it gets. Liridon says, “The key is to throw in creativity across all social extensions of the brand.”

Liridon Vrapca is a social media expert and technology geek who manages scores of social media fan pages and business accounts. He is also certified in 15 fields related to computer networking, Linux, programming languages, CompTIA A+, and administration. He shares his valuable insights, expertise, and experience in social media with individuals and businesses.