5 Fun Facts about Memory You Wished You Knew Earlier

In simple words, memory makes us who we are. In remembering little details, performing logical tasks, and retrieving information lies our personality. Contrary to popular belief, memory is not solely about remembering things. It is a human skill that helps us reason, repeat and organize on a daily basis.

Memory enhancement is crucial to sharpen focus and improve the processing speed of the brain, according to experts at Avanse Nutraceuticals, manufacturers of the best memory supplements, LumUltra. In this intensely competitive world, students and professionals are constantly seeking ways to improve memory and focus to stay ahead in the race. While smart drugs can help with this and even increase concentration, there are some things that you can do too to help your brain store and recall information better. Here’s a look at some fun facts about memory.

1.Visual Information Enhances Memory

It has been scientifically proven that visual learners have photographic memories. They are able to picture the information and remember it for the longest time. Smart drugs can further boost your brainpower to retain such information and excel in academics or your career. So, work to grasp new facts in a visual manner to remember it accurately, without forgetting parts of the information.

2. New Memory Triggers New Brain Connection

The brain consists of 100 billion neurons! When you create a new memory, connections form between these neurons. The nerve cells are connected through synapses, which helps relay information from one brain cell to another. This is what helps us feel, behave and act accordingly. When we learn new things or visualize something, there are certain chemical changes in the brain. This can give rise to new connections and alterations in the brain cells, forming new memories. The best pills for memory loss can help strengthen these connections.

3. Procrastination Impacts Your Memory

You might be surprised to know that procrastination can improve memory and focus. No wonder we have sudden Eureka moments lying on the couch or while taking a shower. When your brain is idle and relaxed, the subconscious comes into play. Fresh ideas are brewed, which could be impossible with an occupied brain. These thoughts and feelings get aligned with your existing memory and help solidify it further.

4. Scent Can Trigger a Memory

The scent of a perfume or a street-side bakery can flood your mind with memories. But have you explored the phenomenon behind this? Well, the area of the brain that stores emotional memory is in close contact with the olfactory nerves. When you inhale a particular aroma, you remember where you smelled it before, the emotions felt back then and connect with the visual data too. The memory is refreshed and helps you remember the experience with just a fragrance.

5. Sleep Improves Memory

The best memory supplements can increase concentration. But the lack of a good night’s sleep can alter the process. A well-rested brain allows us to focus, strengthens memory, and improves productivity at work. While you are asleep, memories are shifted to more efficient areas of the brain, which boosts retention the next day. This is why taking a nap after learning something new solidifies it in our memory.

Constantly storing bits and pieces of data is a complex task. The best pills for memory loss, like LumUltra, can help enhance your ability to form memories and retain information. They can also help slow down the impact of aging on the brain.


Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay