5 Steps You Should Absolutely Take Before Your Next Trip

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No matter which way you spin it, there is always going to be at least some aspects of air travel that are stressful. Airports can be chaotic and uncomfortable, while the actual act of sitting on a plane for hours can wreak havoc on your neck and back. Then, of course, you must take into consideration the ever-present prospects of inclement weather or other delay-causing occurrences that can prolong your travel entirely.

There are, however, several preemptive steps that you can take in order to make your next trip a bit more comfortable and a lot less stressful. Here are the five ideas that you should absolutely consider before your next trip, so as to have an overall better flying experience

1. Pre-Book Parking

The days of driving around in circles searching for an overpriced parking spot at the airport are over. You can now book a parking spot for yourself ahead of time online at Parkon.com. You can pay a much more reasonable price for your parking and enjoy a complimentary shuttle service to your terminal. You can trust that your vehicle will be in good hands with round-the-clock security, too.

2. Check in Early

When you arrive at the airport, you typically need to head straight to the long line that leads to the check-in counter or kiosk before you can go through security. Such lines can be frustrating while you stand by and watch inexperienced or confused travelers mess around with luggage weight and try to haggle with the attendant for a better seat. Save yourself a headache and check-in online via your airline’s mobile app up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.

3. Pack Snacks

Forget waiting in line inside the terminal for overpriced food and drink. Instead, bring your own delicious and airport-friendly snacks with you. If you are unsure about a certain food item, check the TSA website for their recommendations and regulations. You shouldn’t run into issues with many foods unless they can be categorized as liquids. In this case, you would need to abide by the 3-1-1 rule. Don’t forget an empty water bottle, too, that you can fill once you have gone through security.

4. Pack Carry-On Luggage Only

You might think that it is impossible to fit everything that you need inside your carry-on luggage allowance. However, you might be surprised to find just how much your smaller bags can accommodate for your trip.

The key is to find the right bag and to use packing cubes to make the most of the space you have. By foregoing the typical checked luggage, you not only save yourself some money on your trip, but you also avoid any risk of your luggage being lost or stolen.

5. Buy a Power Bank

There are few inconveniences that are more annoying at the airport than running out of battery on your mobile devices. Charging points at the airport can be impossible to find, so save yourself the trouble and bring along a fully charged power bank that is compatible with your devices.


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