Beating Obesity: Cholesterol and Statin drugs

Right on page 9 of my book Lose Live there is a brief but poignant discussion of abnormal blood fats including high levels of triglycerides and LDL, otherwise known as bad cholesterol. So I was very saddened the other day when a good friend I shall call Sally, because that is not her real name and I respect her privacy, told me that her doctor told her that her LDL level was 240. Sally is a beautiful young lady but clearly obese so while saddened I was not surprised. So what does this mean and what can be done about it?

An aneurysm
An aneurysm

Well the singularly most important thing for anyone with high LDL levels to do is to immediately make serious and long-term lifestyle changes primarily involving more exercise and less fatty foods. But since high LDL levels present a very serious risk of severe heart problems and even possible stroke most physicians will immediately prescribe a statin drug and that presents even more danger.

Statin drugs have a well-known history of some very deadly side effects of their own. Muscle pain is common as the drug is known to actually destroy muscle tissue. Incidentally it should be noted that our hearts are a muscle. Statin drugs can also cause liver damage which in the extreme can be fatal.

Statin drugs also tend to elevate blood sugar creating a greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. So if the high LDL level doesn’t kill you the medicine just might. And another friend of mine who is indeed taking a statin drug just reported to me that he has experienced Alzheimer’s like symptoms which is yet another known side effect of statin drugs.

statinTo all of this I say to Sally and everyone else like Sally, which these days is more than one third of our adult population, the time for denial is now fully and totally over. The time to own the issue of your obesity has arrived. You truly do not want plaque to continue building in your arteries and you also really don’t want to ingest statin drugs.

In the simplest of terms your immediate action involves moving more, a lot more, and eating far less sugar, fat and salt. For greater details do keep reading these articles and consider the information contained in the following two paragraphs. I will also keep you informed on the progress of my dear friend Sally.

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