5 Fantastic Reasons to Stay in Baltimore

Photo by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

Over the past decade, Baltimore has experienced a marked decrease in population as city dwellers grew tired of the crowds and moved to quieter destinations. However, there has recently been an influx of younger professionals discovering that Baltimore is one of the most diverse and exciting places to be and set down their roots.

If you are thinking about making a move with the help of move-central.com, take some time to consider all of the things that you will be missing if you leave the Baltimore area. It’s true, the city has had some difficult times, but those challenges are being addressed for a better future.

When you think about the amount of heart that makes Baltimore what it is, combined with the undeniable charm and history, it’s a city that is worth giving a chance. From the historic district that will transport you to another time to the festivals and culinary delights that can be found in every corner of the city, here are a few fantastic reasons to stay in Baltimore.


One of the most wonderful things about Baltimore that sets it apart from other major cities is its diversity. Many cities are made up of different cultures, but Baltimore continues to go out of its way to celebrate the differences in race, history, and culture that bring neighborhoods together. Baltimore is host to many annual festivals that include celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community, and festivals celebrating African Americans’ cultures, the Polish community, and a Caribbean celebration.


If you have a love of food, you can’t get better than fare in Baltimore that is consistently voted one of the Top 20 cities for food. You can find your favorite cuisine from Mexican and Italian to classic American seafood from every region and background. Enjoy the bounty of the seas from the Maryland shores, including some of the best crab cakes you will ever eat. Hundreds of restaurants from the gourmet to family-style establishments tucked into every neighborhood in town.


In Baltimore, you don’t have to make a trip out of the city to enjoy nature. The city boasts dozens of parks and recreational areas that are beautiful examples of urban green spaces. These protected natural oases are the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon and forget about the concrete jungle with your friends and family. Baltimore is also home to an incredible series of walking and cycling trails that help you to discover and navigate the city.


Regardless of your style, there is always something exciting to be found during a night in Baltimore. Whether you want to dance the night away at the Power Plant Live, hit the theatre district for a broadway show, or cruise the bar pub scene in Fells Point, Baltimore has always had an invigorating nightlife.


If you are itching to get out of the city, there is no need to make a permanent move. Several exciting east coast towns are within driving distance of Baltimore. Spend the weekend in New York or take a day trip to Washington, DC. The central-eastern location of Baltimore makes it the perfect launching place for any type of adventure.

If you have thought about moving out of Baltimore, take some time to consider all the wonderful things that you would be missing. The history, culture, and pride of Baltimore can’t be beaten. Rediscover this city today.