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Bernie Sanders: Mr. Trump we are not going backwards; we are going forward

Bernie Sanders: Mr. Trump we are not going backwards; we are going forward


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Bernie Sanders: Wells Fargo’s business model is fraud

Let’s be clear, the business model of Wall Street is fraud. In my view, there is no better example than the recently-exposed illegal behavior at Wells Fargo. The CEO of

Hillary Clinton is best choice in this election

We have known for some time who the two major party candidates would be in the November elections. For the Republicans it is Donald Trump with his running mate

Vatz analysis: Hillary hits a homer against a grooved fastball

By Richard E. Vatz For (Originally published by  What many sources have termed the most critical speech of Hillary's life is here, but that implies more suspense than actually is the

Sanders supporters make their voices heard

Bernie Berners walked out of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday before former President Bill Clinton spoke so elegantly about his wife, the first woman to be nominated by one

Sanders supporters still divided as they walk out of convention

PHILADELPHIA: For the first hours of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, the mere mention of Hillary Clinton’s name was met with a roar of boos from Bernie Sanders’

DNC on Monday a lot like RNC last week

Whatever the Democrats were hoping for after watching the universally coined “Shit Show” that was the Republican National Convention, it sort of got derailed over the weekend by the

Democratic Party politics: Nothing to avenge

The Wall Street Journal reports that Bernie Sanders is still torn over whether or not to call off his campaign, while the New York Times says he’s still firmly

Clinton wins California and clinches the nomination

The Associated Press reported and it is now confirmed that Secretary Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the California Democratic Primary by a significant margin. Clinton received 1,852,639

Media Blind Spots and the 2016 Democratic Primary Election Disasters

For Bernie Sanders's sake, I truly do grieve about the blind spots in the Mainstream Media towards him, his ideas and his successes. I don't know how he stands the unfair