Wrapping up Christmas business gifts festively? We give you 5 tips!

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

You may not be in the mood yet, but Christmas is closer than you think. Time to prepare for Christmas business gifts! Whatever gift you choose, a festive wrapping will make the gift complete! But how do you wrap it festively? We are happy to help you on your way with these 5 tips. You can have all these packaging tips printed with your own logo or design.

Sticker rolls as a closing sticker

Have stickers rolls printed (translation: stickers op rol) with your company logo. These stickers are ideal to use as closing stickers on your packaging or wrapping paper. In addition, logo stickers are always handy to have in stock to give away to (potential) customers.

Festive satin ribbons

Ribbons are a must during the holiday season. Wrapping with satin ribbon provides an extra festive look. Satin ribbon can be printed (translation: lint bedrukken) with your own design. For example with your logo or a nice text. Your design will be printed repeatedly on the ribbon.  You can compose the ribbon all by yourself. So you have a choice of up to 25 colors and you can choose the distance between the prints.

Printed tape with you own logo

As an alternative to satin ribbons, you can also have tape printed with your own logo. You can choose from a regular and durable variant. The regular version is made of PVC and the sustainable version of sustainable paper.

Luxury tissue paper

Tissue paper is a slightly translucent type of wrapping paper that you use in a package to protect products. Besides protecting your gift, tissue paper also gives a very luxurious appearance. Tissue paper is often used for luxury products such as jewelry, clothing, lingerie, etc.

Wrapping paper with your own print

With wrapping paper, you can wrap gifts festively, for example with wrapping paper with a Christmas theme. Make it personal by printing your own wrapping paper. Design a festive print, add your logo and steal the show! 

Printed boxes in many shapes and sizes

Instead of printed wrapping paper, you can also have your own boxes printed. First, decide which Christmas business gift you want to give. Printed boxes come in many shapes and sizes. If you have a gift card as a gift, then gondola boxes are ideal. For larger gifts, it’s better to have shipping boxes printed.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to festively wrap your Christmas gifts! We wish you a lot of success!