Tractor and forklift lease with Beequip

Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

Not that long ago, leasing farm equipment was considered the poor stepchild of acquiring iron. Today, lower farm income and tighter lending requirements have farmers considering leases. If you are looking at leasing, “it’s important that you consider both the pros and cons of this decision and that you consider what effect lease vs. purchase decisions have on the tax return,” warns Tina Barrett, executive director of the Nebraska Farm Business Inc. and an economist with the University of Nebraska.

Would you like a tractor leasen? Then Beequip can help you. We know better than anyone that leasing a tractor can be very advantageous, so you don’t have to invest heavily to buy a tractor. This is very convenient for an agricultural company! After all, a tractor costs a substantial sum. In addition to a tractor lease, you can also contact us to lease other equipment. All according to the same “you choose, we finance” approach. The creative lease quote is always quick and precisely tailored to your company and situation.


Reducing debt will improve the debt-to-asset ratio for a farm that has equity in assets. See “Example of Balance Sheet Improvement” for an example of how that might work. “We also see improvement in the current ratio and working capital of the operation by removing that current debt from the balance sheet,” Barrett says. “Some lending institutions will include the upcoming lease payment as a current debt, so this pro may depend on the individual.”

Leasing will also keep you from having an asset that depreciates. “Most equipment depreciates rapidly,” Barrett says. “The last few years have certainly been an exception to that generalization, but we are seeing the trend of prices for used equipment dropping again. One argument that is often made in the case for a lease is that you don’t see that depreciation because you don’t own the asset. On the other hand, by not owning, you will never build equity in the asset.”

Leasing a new or used tractor?

At Beequip you can not only lease a new tractor, you can also lease a used tractor from us. If a tractor was properly maintained, it can still be worth a lot and be usable for years to come. Our experts have a lot of knowledge about tractors, which allows us to accurately determine the value. So we go a step further than other financiers – leasing a used tractor is no problem. We are happy to give you tailor-made advice. This is how we find a lease solution that suits your company.

In addition to a tractor, you can also lease a forklift. 

What does leasing a forklift cost?

The cost of leasing a forklift (translated to Dutch: heftruck leasen) depends on the purchase value of the forklift that you have in mind and the characteristics of the lease. For example, leasing a used forklift is cheaper than leasing a new forklift. The costs of the forklift are spread over a number of months by means of leasing instead of having to pay in one go. Furthermore, when you take out a lease, you will have to pay monthly interest and one-time handling costs. If you already have a specific model in mind, you can also calculate the lease price online in our lease calculator.