Will the Best Camera Selfie Stick Tripod Make Your Trip More Memorable?

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Most trips today are hard to imagine without someone taking a selfie. Simple and fun to take, selfies make those little precious moments timeless. Sadly, though, cameras get to capture only so much at arm’s length. Can a selfie stick make your trips harder to forget?

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Are Selfie Sticks Only a Fad?

The idea of employing sticks in self-portrait photography isn’t recent. The technique has been around since as early as 1925. In a picture taken that year, a man uses a long pole to photograph himself and his spouse. Since that time, sticks have never lost their popularity as handy remote shutter devices.

Today, selfie sticks continue serving the same purpose. With their help, taking self-photos becomes effortless, since you can take a shot from any angle and distance without hassle. As they provide more range, selfie sticks allow to make the most of phones and digital cameras when taking selfies.

Ever since they entered the scene, though, selfie sticks have been the subject of much controversy. As some people can’t go anywhere without a selfie stick, others absolutely hate the device. Will you be better off with or without a selfie stick on your next trip?

Many Travelers Can’t Do Without a Selfie Stick

For many modern travelers, going on a trip without a selfie stick is hard to imagine. And for good reasons.

With a selfie stick:

  • You won’t have to sacrifice the view One of the biggest drawbacks of taking selfies without a selfie stick is having to sacrifice most of the background. With how picturesque some landscapes can be, it will be a shame not to have them in your trip selfies.
  • You won’t have to give your device to strangers Sadly, stranger often equals danger in many travel destinations around the world. Slews of travelers have asked outwardly nice total strangers to take a quick picture of them. Only to never see their expensive devices back.
  • You’ll have complete control over the image Even if a stranger doesn’t snatch your expensive gadget, he or she could still care less about the image quality. When you take pictures by yourself, you can fine-tune every aspect of each photo to look your absolute best.
  • You’ll be able to take photos from any angle When selfie stick is at hand, imagination becomes the only limit to your pictures. You get to tap into a generous choice of angles and ranges to employ. And get to look amazing with every shot you take.
  • You won’t run the risk of dropping your device Countless videos of selfie fails on YouTube point to the same fact. You’re at a higher risk for dropping your device when taking selfies without a selfie stick. The selfie stick keeps your device secure as you get that nice extra reach.
  • You’ll capture more memories on the go A selfie stick allows you to fit as many people as you want in each shot, recording memories with ease.

Selfie Sticks Aren’t Flawless

Despite their many benefits, selfie sticks are far from being universally accepted.

Here’s why:

  • They make travelers look self-absorbed People who don’t go in for the selfie trend see those who take selfies in a different light. To them, a selfie stick is a telltale sign of a narcissist. If you crave to get judgmental looks from some strangers, a selfie stick is exactly what you need.
  • They cause unnecessary hassle A selfie stick is yet another object that you have to carry, put into luggage, and submit to various checks. If you enjoy traveling light, a selfie stick may start feeling like a nuisance as your trip unfolds.
  • They make devices easier to snatch Even though a selfie stick lets you do without any help from strangers, it still compromises your device. Keeping it way out of your reach, a selfie stick can make your gadget easy prey for snatchers.
  • They may annoy those who are around A selfie stick can cause many problems for those who surround you. It may ruin the background of the photos others want to take. It may also be a potential hazard to other people. Because of this, a selfie stick doesn’t suit low-profile travelers.
  • They broadcast that you’re a tourist In some parts of the world, you may not want others to know that you’re a tourist for safety reasons. It goes without saying that walking around with a selfie stick screams that you’re a gringo to almost everyone around.
  • They make you lose track of the trip You may not want to leave your entire trip at the mercy of your memory alone. But if taking pictures is all you do, you may fail to get any memories to begin with. A selfie stick may prevent you from being present in the moment.

The Tao of Using a Selfie Stick

Luckily, you can offset some of the negative aspects of using a selfie stick by simply being considerate.

Avoid bringing a selfie stick to:

  • Places where people grieve There’s a time and a place for taking selfies. Bringing selfie sticks to memorials and cemeteries and taking selfies there is wrong by any measure.
  • Crowded areas Such environments are usually swarming with snatchers who are waiting for you to make your expensive gadget vulnerable. You can also hurt others with a selfie stick at such places.
  • Dangerous sites A selfie right next to a canyon can come out very impressive. But no selfie is worthy of falling off a cliff. Selfie sticks are distracting and may be a hazard when due awareness is required.

To Use or Not to Use? Some Places Have Decided for You

In some places, a selfie stick isn’t a welcome accessory. Using a selfie stick is forbidden in Hollywood, all Disney Parks, and a number of other locations around the world.

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