Top Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand & Remote Buying Guide & Review

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The tripod selfie stick and the camera have been partners for a reasonably long time. After a few years of being paired, they have still found a way to remain relevant and functional. Although the function of a tripod selfie stick is one that is easy to understand, being able to choose the right tripod selfie stick might not be the easiest of tasks for most people. This is because of the many functional models in the market. Due to this, this article is focused on helping buyers get the best out of the purchase of a tripod stick. It contains things that should be considered when buying a tripod stick.

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Tripod sticks are of different heights. Even though adjustability is supported in their designs, the height of a tripod stick is something that you should look out for when shopping for one. To avoid having to always bend when you need to look into the viewfinder of your camera, always purchase a tripod stick that is good for your height.

If you are not exactly sure how to go about this, one thing you have to note is your camera’s viewfinder should be at your eye level or slightly above.

When buying a tripod stick that comes with an attached head, you should buy one that has its tip at the same height as your jaw.

Tripod Stick Weight

In the course of using a tripod, you will have to move from place to place. Due to this, the weight of your tripod stick matters a lot. You should buy a tripod stick that you are comfortable moving around with and not one you consider too heavy.


A tripod stand is not something that will always be made use of indoors. It is a tool that will be used a lot outdoors. Due to this, the stability of a tripod is something you should give a lot of thought when shopping for one. To last the test of time, a tripod stick should be durable even after being exposed to the winds and set up on relatively uneven surfaces.

The importance of stability when shopping for a tripod is as vital as your DSLR camera. This is because working with an unstable tripod will put your camera at the risk of falling and getting damaged.

Camera Weight

When buying a tripod stick for your camera, one thing that you have to give a lot of consideration is how much weight the tripod stick can carry. If your DSLR equipment is heavy, you will be making a grave mistake buying a tripod stick that cannot support a lot of weight. So, to get a tripod stick that can support our equipment, the first thing you should do is get to know the weight of your equipment. This way, it will be a lot easy to locate a tripod stick that can bear its weight. While doing this, it is crucial that you bear in mind that there are times you rest your weight on the tripod even though very slightly.

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