Why Natural is Better

Photo by ?? Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Natural products are popping up all over the place. Everything from natural dish soap to natural furniture polish to natural hair dye is beginning to flood the aisles of grocery stores. People have expressed such a strong interest in natural alternatives to the everyday products they use that nearly every major manufacturer has developed natural variants of their classic products to pacify the masses.

While going natural appears to be the trendy thing to do, there are far more pragmatic reasons for making the switch. Natural products are an absolute necessity for the world and everyone living in it.

Avoiding Irritants and Allergens

Anything artificial is a potential irritant. Colors flavors, fragrances, and preservatives derived from artificial sources may be approved by the FDA. They may not cause any observable side effects in most people. This doesn’t mean they’re a great idea.

Your body is natural, and it’s equipped to handle natural things. It may not be efficient in processing things with no nutritive value, like artificial sweetener. Many people find that products like diet soda cause bloating or uncomfortable gas because their body has no idea what to do with the sweetener.

The body can and will react to things it has no natural frame of reference for. Most of these reactions are unpleasant. They can be completely avoided when artificial ingredients are removed from anything we regularly use on our bodies or may otherwise come into contact with.

Reducing the Potential for Accidental Harm

You goofed up. You accidentally swallowed a mouthful of mouthwash. If you used a conventional mouthwash, you’re probably not at death’s door. You are, however, a ticking time bomb for an unpleasant bout of gastrointestinal upset. You might want to stay close to a bathroom. Did you accidentally swallow natural mouthwash? No problem. Your insides will merely be a little bit fresher.

Natural products reduce the risk of illness or injury through misuse or mishaps. If your toddler spills an entire bottle of conventional nail polish all over herself, she’s covered in chemicals like formaldehyde. If she spilled chemical-free nail polish all over herself, she’s only managed to make a huge mess that’s difficult to clean up.

When you opt for natural products, you’re always better safe than sorry. If something goes awry, the aftermath is far less likely to be catastrophic. This is especially important in households with young children. You need only turn your head for a moment to see exactly how prolifically destructed a briefly unobserved toddler can be, even when you think everything has been childproofed.

Natural Products Prioritize the Environment

Chemical manufacturing processes deplete resources and pollute the air. When unused portions of these products and their packaging make their way to a landfill, they can potentially pollute groundwater and sit forever without fully decaying.

It is not a prerequisite that natural products use only organic ingredients, but many natural product manufacturers have taken the initiative to ascertain that their products and their packaging come from organic, recycled, or renewable sources. The remnants of al all-natural products will completely decompose with time, leaving no traces of non-natural chemicals in a landfill.

In an era where most people understand the increasing importance of environmental awareness, natural products are a necessity. We can’t afford to keep polluting the planet and destroying our limited resources and hoping for a good outcome. Switching to natural products is an effective action the modern consumer can take to assure that we can keep the planet sustainable.


Natural products are better for people and for the Earth. With so many effective natural alternatives to everyday products, we have nothing to lose by swapping the products we use for their safer, healthier counterparts. It’s a small change, but there is power in numbers. If many people make the same small change, the positive impact on our environment will be immeasurable.