Why Individuals Working with Vulnerable Persons are Asked to Provide a Police Clearance Certificate in Australia

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Australia’s population growth continues to defy all forecasts. However, with this exponential growth, comes an increased demand for nursing care among special groups, such as vulnerable persons. Moreover, health and safety needs in the country have also gone over the rooftop.

For children or adults unable to cater for themselves for one reason or the other, a Police Check Certificate or National Police Check ensures that they are safe and protected from any exploitation.

The Department of Health and Ageing brought out the requirements in 2007, and they were subsequently revised in 2017. We will look at the reasons for a National Police Clearance and its importance if you are to work with a vulnerable person. Find out more!

Why do staff working with vulnerable people need a National Police Check?

  • A Police Check Certificate ensures that there is proper documentation on the welfare of vulnerable people. It states whether the individual or applicant has a criminal record, conviction, or pending trial. Therefore, an application might be rejected or put on hold, depending on the circumstances. The rationale behind this is to ensure maximum safety.
  • For immigrants or residents seeking employment or positions of trust, a Police Check Certificate reaffirms that they have been approved by relevant authorities to work. A Police Clearance Certificate or statutory declaration as the case may be, essentially means that these personnel meet the employer compliance requirements.
  • Persons under 18 and dependent adults are at high risk of being victims of several malpractices. A Police Check Certificate keeps dramatically reduces the chances of such an occurrence. Similarly, it also helps to deal with theft and fraudulent cases. Since much priority is placed on the national police check, and the individual would likely think twice before attempting to defraud any vulnerable persons in the community.
  • The elderly, chronically ill, and disabled people need extra attention. A Police Check Certificate ensures that there is no negligence of duty and serves as a testimonial for a healthy work environment. One would instead employ a person with a police check than one without because of the level of assurance that comes with a police check.

Understandably, persons who do not meet any of these requirements would not be granted permission to work with vulnerable people. More so, convictions for sexual assault and murder ensure that such workers cannot work without supervision. 

Improved Solutions For Police Check Certificate

Having considered the importance of a Police Clearance Certificate and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it only makes sense that getting this certificate should be easy. Whether it’s a state based police check like a police check in Tasmania, or a national level check for all Australian states and territories.

A platform like Australian National Character Check ensures a highly secure application. Everything is done online, and one can verify the authenticity of Police Check Certificates on the website. Dispatch of the checks are fast and smooth, and within one to three working days, the applicant receives the certificate.

Despite being a seamless process, obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate has remained affordable. You can now complete checks within minutes.

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