Endometriosis Gift Guide: 5 Gifts Your Spoonie Will Love

Endometriosis is a medical disorder that affects organs in the pelvic region. Typically, tissue grows inside the uterus, and during a person’s menstrual cycle, this tissue sheds and bleeds. When tissue exists outside the uterus, it can’t be removed from the body when a person has their period. People with endometriosis may develop scar tissue and cysts. Side effects can include painful menstrual cycles, painful intercourse, and infertility. People with endometriosis may also suffer from pain in their back, legs, and pelvic region. Mostly women suffer from endometriosis, but in rare circumstances, men can have it, too.

Laparoscopic surgery is an option for removing lesions. Painkillers can treat the symptoms of endometriosis. People with endometriosis can also opt to use hormone therapy to manage their pain. If you have a friend with endometriosis, you can ease their pain with a thoughtful present they will appreciate, such as those listed here.

1. Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

Hemp plants produce natural chemicals, including cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has medical benefits and can be used to reduce anxiety, manage pain, prevent seizures, reduce nausea, lower blood pressure, and combat depression. CBD can treat several medical conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis.

CBD hemp flowers are an ideal gift for a friend with endometriosis. CBD experts, such as Plain Jane, offer premier CBD-rich hemp flowers. Users can enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD by inhaling CBD flowers. Plain Jane also sells CBD buds, gummies, oils, and tinctures.

2. Relaxed Clothing

Endometriosis can cause a person’s abdomen to swell. People with endometriosis may bloat from water retention. Swelling can last for hours, days, or weeks. Tight clothing may not fit when a person’s abdomen is swollen. It may also be uncomfortable to wear constrictive clothing because it may put pressure the person’s stomach or reveal their bloating.

Treat your friend with endometriosis to luxury pajamas with a relaxed fit so they can enjoy them, whether they’re bloated or not. You can opt to buy a pajama set or combine pieces to create the perfect sleepwear. Shorts and pants with drawstring waists can be adjusted to accommodate the side effects of endometriosis. Comfortable nightgowns and tops can also cover swelling.

Your friend may also appreciate long, loose tops and sweaters that conceal their abdomen and do not constrict their waist.

3. Heat

Heat is one of the most effective ways to manage pain from endometriosis because heat can improve a person’s circulation. Improved circulation helps heal tissue and relax muscles. Applying heat to pain can help reduce the pain caused by an endometriosis flare-up.

Your friend will appreciate heating pads, hot water bottles, or heat patches. These devices enable individuals with endometriosis to apply heat directly to their pelvic region, back, and legs. It’s common for people with this medical disorder to use heat therapy at home and work, so extra heating pads, hot water bottles, and patches are always welcome gifts.

4. Work Accessories

If you’re planning to splurge, invest in a laptop computer for your friend. They will be able to work comfortably on the couch or in bed when they’re having a flare-up. Your friend can use a laptop to be productive while resting their body.

If a laptop is out of your price range or your friend already has one, buy them a lap desk. Your friend can work in bed, on the couch, or in a chair with a lap desk. Lap desks come in a variety of styles. Some can accommodate laptops, while others have room for laptops and other supplies.

5. Bath Accessories

Soaking in a tub of warm water can help ease pain by applying heat to your back, legs, and pelvic region. Your friend will also feel more relaxed, which can reduce stress and tension.

Prepare the perfect therapeutic bathing kit to create a customized gift your friend will benefit from and cherish. A bath pillow can prevent neck pain and increase their comfort while soaking. Bath salts can reduce abdominal swelling. Your friend will benefit from using bath bombs that contain turmeric, as this is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties. You can combine a bath pillow, bath salts, and bath bombs with a plush, oversized bath towel for the perfect therapeutic bathing kit.