Who Is at Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents?

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Driver negligence is the cause of most motorcycle accidents. Often, drivers fail to see motorcyclists, they fail to yield to them, and they don’t take them into consideration when they are making turns.

Motorcycles are a popular means of transport because they allow riders to get to their destinations quickly and to bypass traffic. However, with the rising use of motorcycles for transport, there has also been an increase in road accidents. Motorcycles accidents have dire effects, especially in terms of the injuries caused, such as loss of limbs, paralysis, and head injury. In extreme cases, these accidents result in fatalities.

Although the drivers of cars are more often at fault, sometimes motorcycle riders also cause accidents by driving recklessly. This puts their lives and the lives of others in danger. Sometimes, motorcycle drivers ride in the blindspot areas of motor vehicles, thus making them more susceptible to accidents.

Like all other road users, motorcycle drivers are urged to be aware of what is happening in traffic around them at all times. You should also keep reading to learn more about the causes of accidents so you can avoid them.

Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle drivers are at less risk than motorcycle drivers, for obvious reasons like the lack of a steel cage around them and no seat belts to strap them onto their seats. For a majority of the accidents, it is the motorcycle drivers who are put in a life-threatening position.

A lot of the time, conflict is over the “right of way” between the two parties. Sometimes, it could be a reason independent of either party, like unclear signs or poor maintenance of the roads. Here are the most common causes of accidents involving motor vehicles:

1.Distracted drivers


3.Failure to yield

4.Reckless lane-changing

5.Left-turn accidents

Almost half of motorcycle accidents are caused by left-turn accidents. These happen when the motorcycle driver tries to pass on the left of a car as it is turning at an intersection. Please visit this website if you want to learn more about the common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Cause Fatalities

Because motorcycle drivers are not as protected as car drivers, the following are the most common causes of fatal or nearly fatal accidents:

1.Driving under the influence (DUIs)

2.Lack of protective gear

3.Unsafe road conditions

4.Careless driving

5.Motorcycle part defects

In the United States the law requires motorcycle riders and their passengers to wear helmets, which can lessen the effect of the impact if an accident happens. All drivers are advised against operating any vehicle when under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Couple this with careless driving and you have an accident just waiting to happen.

About 0.001% of motorcycle accidents happen at a high speed of 86 mp/h. Much to people’s surprise, most accidents happen at an average speed of 29.8 mp/h before impact and 21.8 mp/h during impact.

How Fault Is Determined

When the damages incurred are not serious, you may not need to go to a court of law and seek compensation. If you do end up in court, the actions of both drivers will be taken into consideration. If the cause of the accident falls on the unsafety of the road, the government body that is responsible for the management of the road in question may be held accountable.

In a court of law, evidence would have to be brought forward to determine which party is at fault. Motorcycles are seen as less of a threat, and this is taken into consideration during the ruling. Your attorney will use witness reports, medical records, bills, paycheck stubs, and accident reconstruction to prove your damages. All of these will be instrumental in getting compensation if someone else was at fault in your accident.

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