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Why you need a doctor

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An obvious question, right?

You’re probably reading this and thinking “What a stupid article already” you will however be surprised at how many people don’t actually have a primary care doctor. Some people don’t register with a primary care doctor, since they feel that they can just go to the emergency room if any issues arise. This not only clogs up the healthcare system but it can also end up being more expensive as emergency rooms often charge higher rates than primary care doctors for non-emergency conditions. This article is going to explain some of the many good reasons you should register with a primary care doctor.

Holistic care

If you develop flu-like symptoms such as a cough or high temperature you’d feel silly going to the emergency room wouldn’t you? With a normal doctor you can just call up the local clinic and the doctor will see you as soon as possible, they get hundreds of patients each day with all kinds of minor and major symptoms and illnesses so you wouldn’t be wasting their time.

You don’t just have to be facing physical health issues. If you’re feeling down or you’re having a bad time emotionally your primary care doctor can point you in the right direction to get the help and services you need. These doctors are trained in all areas of medicine so that they can treat you for basic problems and then send you to the necessary physician for more complex issues outside of their area of expertise.

Personalized visits

Emergency rooms are staffed with many different doctors and nurses on all kinds of varying shift patterns, you’re very unlikely to get the same healthcare team twice. However, with a primary care provider, you’ll be assigned a primary doctor who you’ll see for all your non-emergency healthcare issues. This allows you to build trust with your doctor and you’re guaranteed to feel more comfortable telling someone you know and trust about sensitive healthcare needs rather than a stranger. To us, yana healthcare provider offers some of the friendliest services in primary care.

Health history

To build on our previous point you won’t only feel more comfortable with your primary care doctor, but they’ll also get to know your medical history as it builds over time. A doctor that sees you for regular health checkups will have a better feel for the kind of person you are and what your body is like with symptoms and illnesses. This is much better than a doctor reading a chart and some notes and determining a diagnosis or course of treatment for you.

Lower costs

Not only are primary doctor appointments often cheaper than emergency room ones but it actually lowers overall costs. If you’re paying relatively small amounts of money for regular checkups, then you’re likely to catch any illnesses and symptoms early and get them treated easier compared to a buildup of issues where you have to pay an expensive lump sum at a hospital!

The less time spent in a hospital the better we say. Nobody likes going to the hospital as they can be scary places that cost lots of money. Primary care physicians are much friendlier and cheaper as an alternative.

Convinced now?

I hope after reading this article you can now see the benefits of having a regular doctor instead of relying on hospital visits. It’s cheaper, friendlier, and, a great preventative measure. See your doctor about all your issues and don’t worry about feeling silly or wasting resources, your primary doctor will listen to all your concerns and determine the best course of treatment available for you.

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