What’s it about?

It’s not about a holiday shopping spree

It’s not about neighbors singing Christmas songs

Not about a beautifully decorated tree

Not even about the compassion that seems only to last season long

It’s not about the wish list children wait all year to make

It’s not even about the Christmas cheer

It may be about being good for goodness sake

It’s not about the superficial love shown only this time of year

It’s not about the same Christmas shows they just keep showing

It sure ain’t about the parties and the drinking

It may be about the love from family, but it’s really the knowing

Knowing the origin of this sacred holiday

The acknowledgment of Jesus’ birth

No it’s not about Santa Clause

It’s about realizing what the human race is really worth

Knowing that Jesus gave his life for us because God so loved the world

Knowing we all have another chance to be ‘good little boys and girls’

Maybe it’s about a little self-reflection

It should be about appreciating the gifts you have

And not so much concern about the gifts you give

Because we all take for granted the gift God gave

The precious joy of the gift ‘to live’