What you need to do to become more creative

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Whether you are a writer, a poet or a musician, creativity is an integral part of the art that must be incorporated into your work to effectively communicate with your audience. Even in school, students are required to cultivate creativity in their studies in order to deliver outstanding papers that attract better grades. When you don’t feel creative, you can easily say, I need help to get My Homework Done. That’s because assignments will feel difficult to complete. Nevertheless, it is important that you develop creative skills for your own benefit in future endeavors.

Generally, a few people are believed to have been born with creative minds. However, creativity is something that is developed over time through learning and practicing. Just like in other areas like sports, creativity is a skill that grows through consistent practice. So, what do you need to do to become more creative? Here are a few simple steps to get you started on becoming more creative.

Record Ideas

As quoted by the late Steve Jobs, “creativity is just connecting things.’’ Before you embark on your journey towards being creative, it is important that you identify and document your ideas on a notebook, voice recorder or any other retrievable material. When you record your ideas, it creates a positive affirmation of your cognitive behavior. What’s more, this will help with making associations between ideas that may seem quite hard to relate.

Pursue Different Approaches

Creative people tend to tackle challenges from different perspectives. Whether you are struggling to write an essay, poem or song, try to look at the ideas from various angles. Before settling on a given idea, ask questions and try doodling. Taking a robust approach to the problem will enable you to easily facilitate positive thinking. This will result in several cognitive breakthroughs.

Set Limits

No matter the kind of work that you intend to create, you should clearly outline the limits to how far you can go. For instance, if you are a writer, it is advisable that you set clear guidelines for content in terms of length and other aspects. While doing this, keep in mind your reason for creating the work and target audience for relevance. Setting limits enables you to remain focused on the task at hand based on your goals.

Create the Right Environment

People can become creative in different kinds of environments but you have to identify the right one that can work for you. The right environment mainly entails being in a comfortable place, surrounding and mood. These are very important because they facilitate creative thinking. That’s why successful companies like Google are always keen on providing their employees with unique incentives like free beer and adult playgrounds to ensure a more relaxed space for nurturing creative ideas.

Creating the right environment also requires constant exposure to new experiences and ideas to facilitate the generation of new perspectives. Seek inspiration from activities or things that relate to your ideas. Random association and luck are great ingredients for creativity and they can significantly increase your chances of success.

Take Time to Move Around

There is no guarantee that continuously brainstorming on an idea will deliver the right solutions quickly. Studies have shown that physical movement has a positive impact on creative thinking. In theatre, actors are often advised to practice lines in different positions and pose to help with the generation of new approaches to characters. Many accomplished artists and writers have confessed to developing some of their greatest ideas during walks. Walks facilitate the flow of the blood to the brain and freedom of the mind to generate new ideas.

Besides moving around, you should also take time to relax. You could be surprised at how even simple acts like spending time in the shower can improve your creativity.

Be Persistent

Once you have identified the idea that will work best for your work, you should not stop there. Instead, keep pushing and working on it as frequent as possible until you have a variety of options. Studies of patented materials have shown that overall productivity is correlated with radical successes in science and tech. In fact, the world’s renowned geniuses have been portrayed to have generated the largest output.

As quoted by renowned Scottish-American environmentalist and author, John Muir, “the power of imagination makes us infinite.’’ As you practice the above, it is also important to always have an open mind and embrace all ideas

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