What Are Investment Grade Precious Metals

Image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay

Diversification is a popular term for investors. It refers to the variety of investments that someone has in their portfolio. Diversifying investments can come in handy, as it can give you financial security in case the economy crashes or paper money loses its value. There are many ways people choose to diversify their assets, one of which is by putting their money toward investment-grade precious metals.

Precious metals come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be a smart physical asset to have. Metals like gold, silver, and platinum are among the most valuable of precious metal options, and they can be purchased from reputable dealers across the world. In addition to just diversifying your investments by obtaining precious metals, experts also suggest being in possession of more than one type of precious metal. Each of the most popular precious metals has a different value and holds different weight when it comes to how volatile they are. Depending on the type, you may find that precious metals will fit nicely into your investment portfolio.

Investment-grade precious metals can be purchased from reliable companies like Swiss America. With decades in the industry, we can secure the metals and coins you’re looking for. With the right investment-grade precious metal, you’ll have assets that you can physically hold in your hand, the ability to transport them, and the option to liquidate when you feel it’s best. Here are a few of the most popular investment-grade precious metals people buy.


Gold can be obtained in a few different forms when it comes to investment-grade precious metals. Bullion bars and gold coins are the most popular. Some of the more widely purchased gold coins are the gold American Eagle Coin and the new gold American Buffalo Coin. As one of the oldest forms of currency known to humans, gold has always been seen as a valuable metal. Its wide variety of uses, such as in electronics and jewelry, make it a practical metal to own, but the real value of gold changes with the market.

The value of gold changes constantly depending on how many people are in search of it. During times when the market is failing, people seek out gold as a way of maintaining their wealth. This is also the case when other markets are failing, such as the real estate market. Gold maintains or even increases in value as other investments lose their value. And the more people want it, the harder it is to get your hands on some.

Gold can be a timeless investment, and it is often people’s first choice in times of need. Its long monetary history and increasing value continue to make it stand out when it comes to investment-grade precious metals. Still, gold isn’t the only way to invest in investment-grade precious metals. Other metals can be equally as valuable depending on when they’re purchased and liquidated.


People have been collecting silver dollars from the US Mint since the 1840s, and silver American Eagle Coins are one of the most popular coin versions of investment-grade precious metals. Silver in coin form is common, but coins aren’t the only way you can invest in silver. Silver bars are available and are a lot cheaper to invest in than gold, making them a more accessible option for new investors.

Though it’s not always the most valuable metal in the world, slight changes in the economy can easily increase the value of silver. For instance, when interest rates are really low and the dollar’s value declines, silver’s value can go up substantially. Silver is also a popular option in jewelry and dentistry, making it one of the more useful metals.

As the industrial uses for silver increase over time, silver becomes more and more valuable. Buying silver at a time when it’s less popular can provide you with large payouts later on, and you won’t have to break the bank today.


Though it wasn’t used for monetary purposes until the 19th century, platinum has quickly become a very valuable investment-grade precious metal. Gold and silver may get more publicity, but in some ways, platinum can outshine them both. When it comes to supply, platinum is more valuable than gold, as it’s less available in the world. Mined in places far away from America, such as South Africa and Russia, platinum is also less readily available; and it’s harder to extract than gold metal. For this reason alone, platinum is a popular investment choice for precious metals.

People often choose to invest in platinum because of its many uses. Platinum is used for a variety of industrial objects and is seen most often in the automobile industry. It’s extremely malleable, which allows it to be shaped easily, and it’s also quite resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Investing in platinum can prove to be quite successful, especially as the industrial industry grows.

Where can they be purchased?

Finding a reputable source to purchase your investment-grade precious metal is an important aspect of the process. Not all gold sellers are legitimate, so thoroughly looking into the business you plan to work with is extremely important. Businesses with years of industry experience and proof of their legitimacy will help you to feel more secure in your purchase, which is why so many people choose reputable companies like Swiss America.

We have been working in the industry for nearly four decades. Our private, family-owned firm is able to assist customers with one of our 50 experienced account executives, and we can do so either online or over the phone. We will present you with recommendations on what type of coins you should purchase and what your best options are based on your financial goals.

Once you purchase the gold coins, your coins are “locked-in” at the prevailing market price and then shipped to you via insured and registered US mail. When your coins arrive, you’ll be able to track the performance of your portfolio at any time online. Periodic portfolio evaluations are also available by phone.