7 Gifts Under $30 For Your Boyfriend

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner? Are you looking for the best gift for him under $30? If yes then you’re in the right place.

Finding a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend can be hard. So, we have 7 gift ideas for you that your boyfriend will surely like.

Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Finding gifts for men can be hard. But there are some things that almost every guy would like to receive. So, let’s dive right in! 

Custom Leather Wallet

What’s better than a customized gift? Men love wallets and they are useful for them too. A custom leather wallet would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend. 

You can find the best custom leather wallets at Stayfine. These custom leather wallets come in different colors. You can choose your boyfriend’s favorite color.

You can get any word engraved on the wallet. It can be your boyfriend’s name, his birth date, or the date you guys started dating. It would be a thoughtful and sophisticated gift.

To make it look more good, you can also get a picture of you and your boyfriend printed. Place the printed picture inside the wallet. 

It will cost you $29.99. What’s better than a useful and budget-friendly gift?

Travel Cologne 

Men love colognes and everyone loves a good smelling guy around them. So, getting your boyfriend a travel cologne can be very thoughtful.

If your boyfriend is a cologne lover, then this gift is perfect for him. But most of the time, it is hard to take a big perfume bottle everywhere. So, a travel cologne is for your boyfriend’s rescue.

You can get a travel cologne from Amazon. It will cost you around $20. It is one of the best gifts under $25 for your boyfriend.

Before buying a travel cologne for your boyfriend, make sure you choose a scent that he likes. Men are very particular about their colognes. So, you must keep this factor into consideration.

Customized Baking Goods

If your boyfriend loves baked goods like cookies, cakes, brownies, etc, you can make him jars of baked goods. 

It will be a thoughtful as well as an affordable gift.

How to Make Customised Baking Jars?

To make baking jars, follow the steps below:

  • Get a few glass jars from Target. You can also order them online from Amazon. 
  • Choose a recipe that you think your boyfriend would love. It can be brownies, pies, cookies, cakes. 
  • Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them. Don’t add wet ingredients because it can become stale in no time.
  • Put the dry ingredients in the jar and seal it.
  • Write an instructions note and paste it on the jar. Mention the wet ingredients in that note. Your boyfriend can put the wet ingredients and bake it. 
  • Tie a ribbon around the jar and you are good to go.

You can make as many of these as you want because it won’t cost you a lot.

Clothing Items

If your boyfriend is a fashionista, buying him some clothing items or shoes is the best. But clothing items can be expensive. No worries, you can find affordable options for that too.

You can find affordable clothing items at ASOS. 

Before buying such a thing, make sure you know very well about your boyfriend’s taste in clothes. Moreover, you should know his size too. Oversized or undersized clothes can look bad and your boyfriend might not like it.

You can get a good shirt or jeans for $25.

Shaving Kit/Beard Grooming Kit

You can get either of these two kits. Shaving kit is good for those who shave every day or frequently. If your boyfriend is one of them, this kit will come a lot in handy. 

The shaving kit involves a razor, shaving gel, and an aftershave. These kits are easily available at any store.

If your boyfriend likes to keep a beard, you can get him a beard grooming kit. 

Such kits involve a beard oil, a trimmer, and a comb. They are available at many stores. You can also buy these things individually and make your kit. 

These kits can cost you up to $25. 

Power Bank

If your boyfriend stays out of the house a lot, a power bank is a perfect gift for him. This way, you also won’t be getting any dead phone excuses. So, it is a gift for him and you too. 

You don’t have to buy a high-end power bank that will bankrupt you. Budget-friendly power banks work well too.

You can get a good power bank under $30. Walmart is a good place to buy affordable power banks. 

Video Game

For gaming lover boyfriends, a video game is the best gift. If your boyfriend is a gamer and he mentioned a new game to you, you can get him that. You can buy a video game for $20. 

Moreover, you can also get him a skin, weapon, or something else within the video game. They don’t cost more than $5.

Every person likes different kinds of games. So, buy your boyfriend the video game that you are sure he would like. 

In Closing…

Now you have so many options for your boyfriend’s gift. Which gift idea did you like the best?