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How To Choose Best Garbage Disposal?

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It’s a big concern to select the best garbage disposal from a long list of models and brands offering unlimited features that are a headache to count on. If you are also on the way of buying new disposal or going to update an old one, you have to go through this all.

Can you check each disposal and then select? No, we are here, to sum up, all the features of the best garbage disposal starting from its size and motor capacity to the solid body. Most importantly, you also have to ask some prime questions to yourself before finalizing garbage disposal. Let’s see what those questions are.

Garbage disposal selection – Ask yourself

Here you have to do a quick overview of your wallet and your home and judge…

What is your budget to buy new disposal? 

The budget to buy a new appliance is the most important thing and often takes a bit more when selecting the best thing. The same is the case with the garbage disposal. You can easily buy a light and inexpensive unit in about 100$ but a good one with durability and long-life garbage disposal may take about 250-300$.

Have space and no drainage issues?

Heavy garbage disposals take more space to fit as compared to light units so make sure there is enough room under the sink to adjust it without any disturbance. Secondly, old homes may have some drainage issues, so must be confident that your home’s drainage can bear extra water.

Garbage disposal features

When you are finally done with the budget, space, and other issues, check the garbage disposal’s features and then choose.

Continuous or batch feed

Garbage disposals come in two basic types; continuous and batch feed. Both of these types are good to work but the batch feed is harmless to use. In a batch feed unit, you need to insert a stopper lid in the mouth of the disposal to start the unit and is safe because it cannot accidentally start when the hand is in the unit. While in the continuous feed garbage disposal, there is no such protective lid and there is a switch or power button to make the system ON or OFF.

Motor size

The size of the motor is the key thing for which you mainly pay. Its size is measured in horsepower HP that could be 1/2, 1/3, 3/4, or 1 HP.

Generally, 1/3HP motor is the least expensive and is feasible for households and if you are 1 to individuals to use, it would be ok but for a large family and hard use, you have to go for garbage disposal with high HP.

Grinding chamber

The grinding chamber of the garbage disposal is directly concerned with the size of the motor, the larger the motor, the larger the chamber would be. So, if you want a disposal that is capable to grind bulk of food in minutes, you have to pick the heavy HP motor unit. It will give you the ease of working with durability and will be your helping hand.

Anti-jam feature

Garbage disposals have the most troublesome jamming issues that not only clog the drain but also overburden the motor. The anti-jam feature is introduced in most of the models that sense food jams and reverse the direction of the motor or increase its power to get over this situation. Other models have a reset button on the side that needs to be manually ON and OFF to operate the motor.

Stainless steel body

Durability must be your first concern when selecting a model rather than repairing your unit. So, your best choice should be the disposal that is designed so that its parts are not affected by rust. Water continuously runs from the chamber and if it is corroded, it will shorten the life of the system. You can select the disposal with stainless steel or plastic body but stainless steel is the best of all. So, disposal with stainless steel grinding chamber and other components is less subjective to corrosion and you can finalize it.

Noiseless disposals

The kitchen is the place where you must have a noiseless surrounding for an easy and quick job. If your disposal is constantly interrupting you with disturbing sounds, you will be frustrated and prefer to turn it OFF. So, be wise, and select a model with an insulated grinding chamber for a noiseless workplace that could be a bit expensive too.

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