US Veteran Picks 6 Winning Lottery Tickets Worth $2.45M

One Massachussetts Veteran is getting exactly what he deserves for serving the United States of America as an armed serviceman.    Raymond Roberts Sr. played the “Lucky for Life” lottery last week.   On 6 tickets he purchased, he matched the first 5 numbers, which is an unheard of string of luck.

“Intuition” is what Roberts credits as the motive for the multiple purchases.

The Falls River, MA native plays a combination of anniversary dates and birthdays as his numbers.   And he is consistent, using the same numbers for nearly two decades.

The 5 winning plays were worth a total of  $2.45 million dollars before taxes.    And it will likely put an end to any need by this former military man having to worry about any future Financial needs.   Tallying numbers on the VA disability calculator or finding light work to fund adventures or family needs, is a thing of the past now.

Rayond will accept  $1.95M (before taxes) as a  lump sum payout.  This staggering total comes from 5 of his 6 winning tickets.To have a consistent income monthly, Roberts will take his last winning ticket’s winnings in annual payouts of $25,000 over 10 years.   It will total $250,000 before taxes.

The first big purchase for the US Veteran will be a shiny new motorcycle, which the Massachusetts native will use to travel and explore.

The “Lucky For Life” win also gives a premium to the store where he purchased the lottery tickets.   The MA Lottery will also pay the shop $30,000 total.   Each win gives the winning dispensary’s owner $5,000 per winning ticket.