Patriots Fan Jerry Edmond Scores Free Tickets From Robert Kraft

Jerry Edmonds is not the type of sports fanatic Word Hero can include in their latest NFL fans emotions survey.   According to recent analysis, as a New England Patriots fan, he should display anger  that rivals that of Las Vegas Raiders loyalists.    At a recent game between the two NFL teams, the difference was made clear. Edmonds kept it classy as Raiders fans berated him for being loyal to Tom Brady’s former dynasty.  And for that class, he was rewarded by the Patriot’s team owner, Robert Kraft.

The entire one-sided spat between the Pats and Raiders fans was all captured on video.  That recording has since gone viral on the web, being seen by even NFL executives.

“I tell you, what you did was so classy,” said Robert Kraft of Edmonds’ actions.

He continued,  “You represent what our franchise is about: building bridges.”

Kraft said this directly to Edmonds in person. A video clip from the meet-up was shared on twitter.

The Patriots’ owner had the loyal fan of his NFL franchise flown in to watch Saturday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.  And to make sure the class act was comfortable while watching, Kraft brought Edmonds to his personal luxury suite. released statistics based on responses from NFL fans that reveal their 5 key emotions held for their favorite team.    Those feelings include anger, optimism, happiness, sadness, and loyalty.

According to the statistics Raiders fans score under 6 of 10 for everything except anger.  When it comes to angriness, fans averaged a 7 of 10.

 The Patriots too averaged a 7 of 10 for anger, but scored 9 of 10 for everything else excluding sadness.And Edmonds does parallel the lack of sadness and high score on optimism. THe reason the Patriots fan did not react to the nagging Raiders fan was because it was his first time attending a live game.  He did not want to ruin the experience and kept rolling ‘hopium’ so that things would get better.

Things did get better.

Instead of going to a Patriots game for the first time, Edmonds ended up getting a free ticket to another game and making a powerful, billionaire friend.