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Top things to do in Cabo, Mexico

When you are looking for top tourist centers to visit for vacation, Cabo is one of the places to be. It is one of the top 5 tourist destinations in Mexico and it is located on the southern tip of Baja California Sur state in Mexico. It is blessed with marine life to grace its waters; it has a range of wildlife including rays, sharks, birds, and other beautiful creatures.

Some sources claim that Cabo was founded by an English man named Thomas Old Tom Ritchie who arrived there around 1828 and died in October 1874, while some sources believe the actual founder of Cabo was Cipriano Cesena who arrived from Hermosillo Sonora in 1788.  From 1974 the Mexican government started to invest heavily in developing Cabo San Lucas with both highway infrastructures like the Transpeninsular Highway, and the San José del Cabo International Airport (SJD) which was opened in 1986 and also some notable landmarks.

In 1975 the first commercial flights started arriving in Cabo, and by 1978, the Mexican Tourist development agency chose the area for tourist development, and since then it has developed to become a top tourist center

Geographical Location:22.88º N & 109.90º W and 20 meters above sea level

Having a good time in Cabo is no hard job as they are blessed with a lot of attractions and things to keep the mind, body, and soul together. Here are the top things to do in Cabo Mexico

Enjoying seafood

What is more exciting about a place than their food? Food is a necessity, in fact, food is life, Cabo is said to have a lot of water and blessed with a lot of marine creatures so eating different cousins made from sea creatures should be one of the top things to do in Cabo especially their famous chocolate clam which is prepared in a unique way. It is roasted on the stone bed and covered with rosemary that adds a special flavor to the clams. You should also enjoy other foods like shrimp, fish tacos, Comida de Pobres, smoked marlin, and pitaya. You can also wash this down with the Clamato, a traditional Cabo drink that is made with clam and tomato juice, the alcohol lovers can try the Damiana liqueur which is made with cane alcohol, sugar, and water.

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Swimming With Dolphins:

Dolphins are one of the friendliest mammals the world has ever discovered; you haven’t visited Cabo if you haven’t seen the dolphins, not just seeing, you get to try out different activities with the mammals. Children and adults enjoy and love playing with the dolphins.

One of the top places to visit the dolphins in Cabo is the Puerto Los Cabos Marina they would give you a quick introduction to these marine mammals; this meeting pairs you with a dolphin for an encounter filled with fun facts. Get to kiss, and try out some fun family games as you dance with the dolphins in the water and which would last for a given period in other to create an opportunity for other guests to enjoy.

Camel Riding and Safari:

To most people, a camel is the last thing that comes to mind when talking about animals to play with, but it is said to be the best and most economical ways to explore the Mexican sojourn. Find your way to the Rancho San Cristobal, the local guides are friendly, experienced camel trainers and handlers and are familiar with beautiful sceneries, they will lead you on a walk through the desert’s fascinating and unique vegetation where you get to experience the beauty of nature.

Establishing a Business:

Establishing a business in Cabo wouldn’t be a bad idea, no doubt the business, if well managed will go well in that area as different people from around the world come to visit the beautiful things.

Boat Cruise and Entertainment:

What another way to end a vacation if not with some good music, drinks, basically, a party and there is no unique way to party like partying while floating.

The moon has set, it is time for you to put on our dancing shoes and board a luxurious 144-foot (44-m) triple-deck catamaran where you get to enjoy beautiful evening dinner, drinks, live music, basically all forms of entertainment. Cabo is one of the most beautiful locales to visit and live in its foods, drinks, lifestyle, and scenery; all are huge parts of history and the beauty of nature, Cabo is indeed a home away from home.

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