The Holiday Challenge: Buying for Your Grandparents

It seems like your “nice” list is getting longer every year and it’s becoming more of a challenge to find just the right gift for everyone on it. If you want to avoid copping out and falling into the gift card trap, it takes a little thought and effort.

Kids are usually easy to buy for. A popular toy and a good book are all you need and they also aren’t shy about listing what they want. Moms, dads, and adult siblings are a little more difficult, but you can usually think of something they’d like.

Where it starts to get really tough is when it comes to your grandparents. Many times you don’t have a lot in common with them, and chances are they don’t really NEED anything, so what’s a grandchild to do? When it comes to buying for grandma and grandpa, it’s definitely time to get creative.

Gifts for Active Grandparents

If your grandparents are more likely to go skydiving than they are to go to bingo, treating them to more of an experience is the way to go. Consider something outside the box like golf or archery lessons. Add in some discount archery supplies or some new golf clubs and you have a well-rounded gift.

Want to make it extra special? Buy lessons for you and them to enjoy together! This would mean the world to them as nothing is as good as spending time with you.

For the Antique Lover

If their passions are more in line with beautiful furniture they can own and admire in their home, look for something special to fit in with their decor. Look for websites that have antique clocks for sale, such as M.S. Rau Antiques, for example.

For Grandparents and Foodies

If grandma is the best cook you know or grandpa rules the grill at every family barbeque, consider a special culinary gift to show your appreciation. Maybe grams would like a new mixer or some wood planks to cook fish on. Consider new grilling tools for gramps so he can show off his skills even more.

Of course, nothing beats going out to dinner for a food lover, so consider taking them out to a new restaurant in town or to sample a new cuisine. You might just find they are pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new things, plus they get the benefit of your time as well.

The Bottom Line

Buying gifts for your grandparents can be a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible. Before you give up and buy them a gift card or an ugly Christmas sweater, put your thinking cap on and consider what kind of people they are and what types of things they enjoy.

Once you have those things figured out, decide on a special gift just for them, preferably one that includes spending time with their favorite grandchild…you!


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