The Definitive Guide to Tiling Your Bathroom

Planning on tiling your bathroom? This may seem like a major job but the truth is that it is actually quite straightforward and easy when you know how and it is work that you can easily complete by yourself. Additionally, tiling the bathroom is one of the most effective ways to completely revamp the space and make it look much more stylish and attractive.


The very first step to take is to calculate the square footage of your bathroom. This should be easy enough to do with a tape measure – if space is broken into separate areas then divide the floor into smaller sections and measure them separately. When the time comes to order supplies, it is a good idea to purchase an additional 10% so that you are not short and have some breathing room for any errors. You may want to order a few samples first to make sure that it is the right look that you are going for.


You can install cement boards for a smooth transition between rooms but if the floor is already prepped then you can begin to plan the layout. This is a simple case of arranging your tiles on the floor (using tile spacers) and marking where any cuts need to be made. 

Laying the Tiles

Once you have cut any tiles to shape then you will be ready to start laying the tiles. Apply thinset and lay the tiles down carefully using spacers. You can use a laser level sold by suppliers such as RS Components to make sure that the entire floor is level and flat – this is important because you will not want there to be uneven sections because this looks unprofessional and can be a trip hazard. Laser levels make it quick and easy to ensure a flat surface so this is an important step. After 24 hours, you can remove the spacers and start to apply grout and wipe off any excess once it starts to set. You will also need to apply a sealer since this is a room, which is exposed to water and moisture each day.

Tiling the bathroom floor may seem like a daunting task but it is surprisingly easy and something that you can easily do yourself. These are the main steps to follow but it is important that you are patient and careful, particularly when it comes to positioning the tiles. You then need to maintain the tiles and keep the bathroom clean to keep it looking its best for years to come so that this is a room that you take pride – it is much more satisfying when you have done the work yourself.