Why Likes are still relevant on Instagram?

Although new social platforms come to prominence in recent years, Instagram is still the most popular and influential app of the day. Many Social platforms try to adapt to new challenges and add new features to expand their functionality. Instagram came a long way and introduced dozens of updates in 2019 that enhanced its spectrum of usability. At the same time, Tik Tok seems to start gaining more ground with the younger generation by having a strictly video-oriented content and a minimalistic interface with limited functionality. This is actually a strong point for Tik Tok because the social platform is extremely simple to use and has a considerable following from very active users.

Does this mean that Instagram has lost its weight in the social media world and is it time to shift to other social platforms? Absolutely not, Instagram is still credible as never before and so is the content that is regularly posted. Moreover Instagram is extremely popular among all age and social groups. After many years of positive user feedback, Instagram is currently at it’s best in terms of ease of use and popularity. It is still a crucial social platform for marketing agencies and big brands. Having a colorful profile on Instagram is a must for influencers and celebrities.

What is still relevant is the interaction between your content and followers. Users on Instagram still pay attention to the number of likes a post receives on average. Although likes have been disabled in a few countries as a new trial feature, the people who do post images are still able to see how many likes the got. It is a reflection of the popularity of an account on Instagram and a hint on how often the content of this acc is displayed in the search results.

Instagram is still an important metric for your creative content. If you are monetizing your creative content advertisers will pay close attention to the average number of Instagram likes to determine the budget of an advertising campaign. If you are wondering if the quantity of likes is making any difference to your account, you can always get Free Instagram Likes on websites similar to Likigram.com and see the difference. You will notice that your posts will begin getting more likes and even a few new people will start following you. If you wish, you can also buy Instagram Likes and other SMM services of your preference. Getting more likes is a great way to draw more attention to your creative content and reach your target audience.

Don’t forget the primary function of Instagram and why this social platform was designed in the first place – it is to share visual content. It is essential to have a schedule when to publish your photos since you want your audience to see it in prime time. You might need to make some research to determine what are the best time and day for posting your content and you can learn a lot about the behavior of your followers and Instagram users in general. Maintain a stable schedule, make sure your content is good enough for your friends and family and you should be golden! After all, you already know what your audience is excited about and craving to see.