Tatiana Regan – The Perfect Egg in the Clouds Recipe

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I am extremely blessed to have an amazing chef as a good friend and Tatiana Regan cooks the best food that I have ever tried. One thing which Tatiana always makes for me is eggs in the clouds, a dish that I had never even heard of before I went to Tatiana’s for brunch one day. I asked Tatiana Regan to come over last week and show me how to prepare and cook these delicious eggs and she was very kind and spent an entire morning with me showing me this wonderful dish. And so, straight from the Tatiana Regan cookery school, here is the recipe for eggs in the clouds.

Split and Whip

Tatiana has lovely names for each part of the process and this first part is called split and whip. Take 4 eggs and split the yolks from the whites, keep the yolks somewhere safe and put all of the whites in together. The next step is to whisk the whites so that they form soft peaks, something which Tatiana is able to do by hand with a whisk but for people like you and me we will need the assistance of an electric whip to achieve this.

Extra Flavors

Once the eggs are whisked up it is time to add some additional flavors to the mix, Tatiana recommended chives and bacon and I can attest to the fact that these flavors work brilliantly with the egg. Fry up your bacon in tiny pieces and then add it to the mix with some finely chopped chives, add a touch of salt and pepper and you’re ready for the next step.


The next step is to bake the egg whites, Tatiana turned the oven up to 250 and then she took a baking tray with a sheet of parchment paper on it so nothing sticks. Then she took the egg white mix and put 4 large blobs on the tray, in a shape that resembled a fried egg. Tatiana then placed the whites to cook in the oven for 20 minutes and when they were done they had risen up and slightly browned, in fact, they looked delicious. Tatiana then made a small hole in the center of each egg and placed the yolk inside before baking for a further 5 minutes.

Final Touches

I was blown away when Tatiana took out the finished articles, the yolks were runny and the whites looked beautiful and spongy. Using some of the remaining chives and bacon she dressed the eggs and added another touch of salt and pepper. To bring the dish together she placed the eggs on some lightly toasted sourdough bread, and then served it up with a glass of orange juice.

This is by far and away from the best brunch which I have ever had the pleasure to eat and Tatiana cooked it perfectly. If you are lost for brunch ideas then look no further than Tatiana Regan’s eggs in the clouds, delicious.