Tatiana Kukanova – Tips on Healthy Eating When Eating Out

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My friend Tatiana Kukanova and I have always had a bit of problem with our weight so last year we endeavored to completely change our lifestyle rather than continue on fast diets and quick fixes. I’ll be completely honest that Tatiana Kukanova was vital to my success with this and both her support and advice greatly helped me, I like to think that I did the same for her. Something which Tatiana was able to work out quicker than myself was how to eat out and still eat healthily. Tatiana Kukanova often has to go out with her clients for food and she had to learn pretty quick how she could still do this and stay on diet.


Most places will offer a salad option which people who are dieting can take advantage of and whilst Tatiana and I eventually got pretty tired of eating salads, it is still a good option for anyone who is dieting. Even if a restaurant only offers a side salad they can still turn this into a main meal so don’t be afraid to ask. Tatiana also noticed that many of the salads are dressed with oil and come with a lot of cheese, ask about the oil and if it does come with too much cheese then simply leave it to one side.


Tatiana always had a rule whenever she went out that the only sauce which she would eat was a red sauce. White sauces are loaded with fatty ingredients like cheese and cream, which simply don’t go well with a diet. That is the first tip when it comes to spaces and the second is to ask for them in a separate bowl, which the restaurant will almost always do for you. When you get the sauce in a separate bowl you’ll be able to just add a little bit for flavor, rather than drawing your meal in the sauce.


Tatiana taught me how to ask the restaurant for the meal of my choice and you can do it too, you just need to ask. In most restaurants where they cook the food fresh, they will have a large range of ingredients which they can use to prepare just about any kind of meal which you want. If there are any difficulties then you may simply have to ask for something on the menu which appears the healthiest. Always ask what the chef can prepare you before ordering.


Restaurants always put bread on the table ahead of a meal and Tatiana and I both learned very quickly that the best thing that you can do is ask them to take it away. Bread is so bad for your diet yet it is incredibly tempting so the best course of action is to remove the temptation and simply have them take the bread and butter off the table before you start. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.