Tatiana Kukanova – Profile of a Social Media Queen

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Tatiana Kukanova is a very dear friend of mine and she is also someone who has worked tirelessly to become a food and travel influencer on Instagram and Facebook. When we first left college many of us thought that her idea to become something of a social media queen was pie-in-the-sky, and we certainly never thought that she would make any money in this pursuit. Unbeknown to us, however, Tatiana was onto something very profitable indeed and she currently works full time as an influencer. Tatiana is often sent new products to review, invited to beautiful destinations and restaurants and makes good money to boot. Knowing her as I do, I wanted to give you something of a behind the scenes look at the life of an influencer.

Time Consuming

On the face of it, the career of a social media influencer may appear as one which gives you a great deal of time to relax and enjoy yourself but this is not always the case. For Tatiana Kukanova, for example, she loves to invest a lot of time into her work and she will often spend an entire day getting a couple of pieces of content right. Something else which takes up a great deal of her time is responding to her followers, something which she has always enjoyed as well as feeling a duty to them to show her human side. The investment of time ultimately leads to more success but it is something which can take up a lot of your days.


Much like many industries of this ilk, there is a lot of fakeness that surrounds the life of an influencer. For some, this may be a huge benefit but as I can attest to having been with Tatiana to some events, it can often be nauseating. There are times when this industry can be very vacuous and that in turn breeds vacuous people, thankfully Tatiana is also able to meet some truly inspirational and generous people, but there is some negativity to overcome.


One must be made of thick skin in order to survive as an influencer because there can be a lot of hate-filled people online who want to be critical of you, and everything that you do. In fact, in the beginning, I can remember how much some of these comments hurt Tatiana, but eventually, she grew that thick skin and now the only challenge is to filter and block the trolls.


Make no mistake, there may be long hours and there may be some negativity to deal with but we mustn’t forget that Tatiana Kukanova has forged her career doing something which she loves. Throughout the few years that she has been doing this she has created a positive community around her page and she has met some amazing individuals along the way, not to mention the fact that she can work how and whenever she wants, with nobody to answer to.

Would this be a career choice which you would enjoy?