Jeff Breault – Teaching me How to Love Cars

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Jeff Breault was who I first began working for when I was fresh out of college and the original idea was that it would look after me for the summer until I pursued other employment. When I first met Jeff it was very clear just how passionate he was about cars and for me, it became very difficult as I knew absolutely nothing about cars or the automotive industry. Jeffrey Breault is a great man and a very successful person who has inspired me ever since my first day and that summer of work has since turned into a 15-year career within the industry. Jeff Breault took me under his wing and showed me all about cars, which ultimately ignited my passion for them, and here is how he went about it.


The first thing that Jeff showed me was about racing cars, a passion which he has had since he was a young boy. On one of my first weekends working for Jeff, he took me down to the track where he often goes to put some cars through their paces. During our time at the track Jeff didn’t just show me what the cars were capable of, he also opened up the hood and began to explain why these cars were so fast, this was the beginning of my education. In the last 15 years, Jeff has been kind enough to take me all over the world following some of the most prestigious races on the planet.


For me to become successful in the automotive industry I didn’t just need to learn about cars and what makes them tick, it was also about why cars have certain values and how to ascertain the value of a particular car. Jeff was a brilliant teacher and would very often take some time out to help me learn about all kinds of cars, how and where they were made and what they should be worth.


Jeff would always test me in the office and for many years I thought that he was doing this to try and catch me out or to make me look a little foolish. What I didn’t realize however is that those pop quizzes which he would have me do were not about catching me out, but rather to further cement my knowledge and make sure that I was in fact learning. What was amazing about this was that Jeff Breault is a very busy man and for him to take the time to both teach me about cars and ensure that I was learning is something for which I will be forever in his debt.


Whenever Jeff was heading out to a garage or a showroom he would often take me with him to give me some hands-on experience of how cars are made. These experiences meant that I got to talk to car makers and mechanics which showed me a different side to this industry.

Without Jeff, I would never have fallen in love with cars and it was, in fact, his passion which rubbed off on me, converting me into a true petrol head.