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23 Tools you must know to successfully monetize your traffic

Internet ecosystems have changed a lot this last decade. Nowadays there are tons of user-friendly platforms for every user to create his own website or blog just by a click.

Not everybody blogs for money. But if you do you should think seriously about how to improve your bottom line.

Spoiler alert: It’s probable you’ll never make the kind of money Bill Gates pulls down, but there’s no reason you can’t make a comfortable living as a blogger if you go about it the right way.

When you have defined your niche, bought a domain name, posted your texts and images you can start enjoying the action happening there: comments, reposts and so on. If your audience is bigger than 1000 per day it’s high time to go professional.

Keep calm and continue reading our article – we are going to tell you how to tackle the problem!

Join PPC networks

Pay per Click (PPC) models are convenient as you get money every time the ad is clicked or you can choose other online advertising networks with different pricing models – CPI, CPS, CPC.  Don’t worry about any target actions or similar stuff.

Advice: try not to sell advertising space at all; if possible, try to select the ads that are relevant to your niche. You will have more visitors and higher income.

Contextual advertising

This trend is getting more and more popular. Contextual ads the adopt size and general style of your website. There is little intrusiveness and they look like a  part of the content. There are different variants of payment models here (for display, for click or others), but CTR level is generally very high.

Affiliate marketing

Spend some time in investigation to know which products related to your niche can be interesting for your audience. You don’t have to manufacture the goods or development problems (if it is a service or a programm). You will get money when the ad is clicked and finished with a conversion at vendor’s website.

Make some content premium (i.e. paid)

If the information you share is really valuable and interesting, people will be ready to pay for it. Start viewers off for free and then those who feel this information is important can continue after paying.

Such a strategy will work for connecting with important or confidential investigations and researches. The payment can be as low as ten cents per byte, and the profit margins will still be significant.

Make sponsored content

Traditionally, information about a product from third-party sources is treated with higher trust and belief as visitors see no advertising here. Try to write it in a natural manner, not as ad copy ballyhoo.

The price of such service depends on many factors like popularity of your niche, traffic on your website, quality of the content and popularity of the brand itself.

Sell your experience

For example, you are an amateur fisherman, but you know a lot about catching fish, rod choices, sorts of fish and so on. Write a small book where you share your secrets and offer it for sale on your website.

Here you have 100% of income into your pocket as it is your book sold on your website and no fees for commissions go to anyone else.


There are many ways of making money from your blog traffic. All you need to do is to check whether your topic is interesting and valuable to people. Almost any topic, if presented properly, has a niche audience just waiting to discover it and start bringing you income.

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