Life outside Baltimore: What nature trails should you visit this summer?

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Bordering the Virginia states, DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania, the Old Line State is naturally situated for tourism and plenty of other outdoor activities. If you live in Baltimore, the largest independent city in the US, then you already know this.

Baltimore is adorned with beautiful waterfronts. It also has some of the best trails for MTB on the East Coast. However, there are more exciting places you should see if you’re looking for more than regular fun this summer.

If you’re planning to have your outdoor activities out of Baltimore on your next summer holiday, we’ve got some great ideas for you. And if you want to go “further afield” we’ve also got the list of the best destinations for mountain biking across the US.

Check out these nature trails outside Baltimore for your next mountain biking adventure this summer.

Great Allegheny Passage, Cumberland MD

An iconic rail-trail jointly built by state agencies, volunteers and local biking groups, the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage spans from Cumberland (MD) to Pittsburgh (PA). One of the lengthiest rail-trails in the US, mountain bikers as well as travelers are often enticed by its breathtaking panorama. Its main appeal probably, is that it offers a 334-mile off-road route to Washington D.C. from Pittsburgh. Most of the route goes along old rail beds that feature picturesque rivers and streams.

Cosca Regional Park, Clinton MD

Having features that offer a mix of natural landscapes and areas specifically developed for leisure, the Cosca Regional Park sits on 690 acres in the southern part of Prince George’s County, near Andrews Air Force Base in Clinton. Where to stay on a visit to Cosca Regional Park won’t be a big problem as there are several camping sites with year-round reservations for groups of not less than 6 people, except they are renting for the same day. The park has a baseball field, and lake, where campers can also engage in boat paddling.

Rockburn Skills Park, Elkridge MD

The Rockburn Skills Park is a 450-acre multipurpose park that serves activities that engage both trail running and mountain-biking athletes. It was created as a group effort by the Howard County Recreation and International Mountain Biking bodies. The park features three downhill trails for rookies, intermediate, and more experienced riders.

Frederick Watershed, Frederick MD

If you’re interested in Gambrill-style cross country riding, this may be the ideal place to go. Traversing the region from north to south, the Catoctin Blue Trail offers a multitude of offshoots which you will experience on most of the paths as you go through the forest. This place is recommended for advanced riders though there are some double tracks for novices. There are no maps or guides so it is advised to team up with a local. But exploring the area alone will be a great adventure. However, you’re guaranteed to have a great time biking but there’s one caveat—opt for another nature trail if you don’t like rocks.

Liberty Reservoir Trails, Owing Mills MD

Offering a relatively isolated experience and views of waterfronts for the whole stretch, Liberty Reservoir Trails is a single track trail that offers an awesome ride for novices as well as intermediate riders. It is 9200-square acre with an 80-mile long coastline trail to explore. It has multiple loops, plenty of roots and rocks, and scenic views of woodlands with narrow edges from the serene river. Apart from riding your bike, you should also think of bringing along your fishing pole.

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