Why Sports Fanatics Should Visit Baltimore

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Whether you’re from or traveling to Baltimore, you most likely know that this place is full of people who are sports fanatics. From horse racing to American football, Baltimoreans are simply big fans of these.

According to surveys, here are the most popular sports in Maryland, which of course includes Baltimore:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer

The success and popularity of the Orioles surely made a huge contribution as to why Baseball is simply the sport that Baltimoreans seem to love the most.

Baltimore is home to many sports legends like Michael Phelps, Ray Lewis, and Babe Ruth. Plenty of memorable sports events also happened here. Some of these are the Colts against New York Giants in an NFL match in 1958 and the competition where Michael Phelps won his 23rd gold medal.

Surely, it won’t take long before another historic game takes place in this city. If you’re looking to know what’s happening in Baltimore in the next few months and before you place your bets on any of the best betting websites out there, we’ve made a list of exciting sports events you can witness yourself.

Date Event Venue
Aug-01 Baltimore Orioles vs Toronoto Blue Jays Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Aug-03 Arena Football League Royal Farms Arena
Aug-03 Baltimore Orioles vs Toronoto Blue Jays Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Aug-06 Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Aug-08 Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars M&T Bank Stadium
Aug-09 Baltimore Orioles vs Houston Astros Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Aug-11 Baltimore Orioles vs Houston Astros Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Aug-15 Baltimore Ravens vs Green Bay Packers M&T Bank Stadium
Aug-19 Baltimore Orioles vs Kansas City Royals Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Aug-22 Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Rays Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Nov-03 Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots M&T Bank Stadium
Nov-17 Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texas M&T Bank Stadium
Dec-01 Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers M&T Bank Stadium
Dec-12 Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets M&T Bank Stadium
Dec-29 Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers M&T Bank Stadium


Baltimore is indeed the home to well-visited and popular stadiums like the M&T Stadium, Hughes Memorial Stadium, and of course, the Oriole Park at the Camden Yards.

The Oriole Park is a Major League Baseball ballpark that is known to be the first of the retro MLB ballparks in the US. This added quite a charm to Baltimore and even Pope John Paul II’s visit in September 1995 was held here.

If you have the time, you can take the Camden Yards Tours. This will make you experience the most beautiful MLB ballpark at its best. You can book or schedule a private tour so that you can see this place the way athletes and players could.

Aside from the Oriole Park at the Camden Yards, here are other places in Baltimore that Sports fanatics should visit.

Upton Boxing Center

Boxing fans should definitely see this place themselves. This place is open to the public and most especially to young aspirants who’d like to have their own fights in Vegas one day. Olympic finalists from the city train here too.

Statue of Johnny Unitas

Surely, football fans would go crazy over this. Johnny Unita’s statue stood tall in front of the Baltimore Ravens Stadium to honor him. He’s considered as one of the best American football players of all time. However, in 2017, his bronze statue was moved to the upper deck of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

Jockey Room – Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art is already a great place to visit with its art collection. However, what sports fans would love to know is that it has a specific area or room for them. On the second floor are collections of English sporting art and trophies from prestigious races.

Banner Field

One of the most popular sportswear in the world, Under Armour, is based in Baltimore. Under Armour and the city of Baltimore funded the Banner Field in 2014. Their goal was to expand the sports opportunities in the city. Right now, it’s the home for Digital Harbor High School’s football matches.

Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant

This is the best place to cap your long day of touring sports places in Baltimore. Slainte is bar with a soccer-inspired theme. You can watch soccer matches all over the world when you’re in here. They have 18 HD screens all over the place so you can watch whatever match piqued your interest. It’s simply the best place to meet fellow soccer fans.