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Our take on the Ferguson issue

A few days ago, after months of a secret grand jury proceeding, no charges were issued against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson Police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown.

While it may very well be that Wilson didn’t violate any laws when he shot Brown, what is certain that the unfair manner in which the grand jury proceeding was conducted is clear proof of a pattern of discrimination against everyone.

Anyone familiar with the grand jury system knows that prosecutors use the proceeding only to present the facts necessary to obtain an indictment.

They don’t, as a matter of practice, present all of the evidence to the jury.

Prosecutors aren’t interested in conducting a grand jury to waste their time without obtaining the charges they petition the jury to issue.

Every attorney has heard this statement made by a prosecutor: “I can indict a ham sandwich.”

So now why do I claim “discrimination against everyone?”

By deviating against normal prosecutor conduct, it’s very obvious the prosecutor didn’t want Wilson charged – with anything. By presenting only the evidence necessary to obtain criminal charges against other defendants has prosecuted shows he treated them differently than he treated Wilson.

Apparently, we believe rioting will serve no purpose other than to hurt people who have no involvement in the Michael Brown shooting. People can demonstrate without putting others in fear for their own safety.

We need to go the polls and elect people who care, not the same useless bunch of professional politicians.

Your vote carries more clout that violence!

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Ira B Robins and Salvatore E. Rastrelli

Ira B. Robins and Salvatore E. Rastrelli have decades of law enforcement experience, both worked as police officers and private investigators and consultants. Their cases have frequently have been on national television and they continue to work for those who don't have a voice and are often a victim of a system that fails to protect the innocent. Contact the author.

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