Start the New Year with new earrings and put fashion on your resolution list

I  broke out my black and silver dress, heels,  and handbag and put together the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit. I don’t mess around when it comes to bringing in the new year.

And this one, 2013 is going to be a damn good year!

I would love to buy a new dress but it feels like the holidays really snuck up on me this year and I found myself under prepared for shopping for a dress . So I believe I am going to  recycle one from five years ago.

There are very few if any pictures of me wearing the dress and now it is  back in style!  So I think its safe for me to wear it again depending on the length and the cut of the dress I can wear this knee-high black boots, sliver pointy toe ankle boots that look like spaceship attire,  simple classic silver or black heels my trusty Jessica Sims.

Perfect outfit.
Perfect outfit.

Or if it wasn’t so cold I would wear my silver and clear light up heels that I got for a Halloween cotume years back. Unfortunately they are open toed strappy heels that look funny to wear in the dead of winter.  I only have two silver purses and they are both so small and fragile so I had to choose wisely about what I will want to have on me at midnight. Phone, money keys passport…check!

Usually I lug my camera around with me but I just upgraded to an iPhone and it’s so much lighter and more accessible to use on wild and crazy nights.

Going all out is what the night is all about! Putting your best face,  dress, rings,  earrings, purses, shoes  forward to face a new year and a new and improved fashionably remarkable you. Even if it means freezing your butt off in a mini dress.. possibly with no tights, yikes! At least for this one night you can dress up and be proud of being bold and beautiful while the rest of the winter you can throw on you sweats and boots with the fur if you must.

Final touch: I had french manicured fingers and lots of rings full of bling! My coworker gave me a giant rhinestone heart ring in exchange for some Christmas earrings and I absolutely love it! It will look amazing it will catch all the lights and eyes in the room and steal the show. I wore a few fancy bracelets. By fancy I mean all the prom jewelry I bought at icing and Claire’s in their prom section. I was Miss Piggy for a Halloween wedding a few years ago so I even have a tiara…I will save that for my Birthday though!

new years
Accessories add perfection.

I don’t blame those of you who wanted to stay in with your cat and stay cozy on this crazy cold night full of drunken party-goers. I also think sitting by the fire place drinking champagne and banging pots and pans with your family at midnight is a nice tradition as well. Some one told me today that they open the back door and the front do before the break out the noisemakers and that signifies the past going out back to make room for the new threw the front door.

I think that’s a wonderful way to spend new years as well. It is fashionable and fancy in the way of its comfortable and stress free and the pressure is off to kiss somebody at midnight. It’s great because you have no chance of getting face attacked by someone unexpected because that can be not so pretty.

Last year I was part of the mummers parade in Philly. I had a great time with great creative people seeing them perform something they have worked so hard on in the streets of the city and crowds cheering them on.

I had hoped to be apart of it this year but I live in DC now and need to find a tradition in this city so I don’t have to pay so many tolls to get my new years on. But this is a shout out to my favorite mummers, The Vaudevillains!I love you and will miss you! You have my vote you are a sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare may you be at the top of the list! Happy New Year from your adoring Marshall from 2012.