Sporty Spice vs. Naughty Spice

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A  conflict is going on and it ain’t pretty!

It’s between the good, healthy me – let’s call her ‘Sporty Spice’ – and the indulgent, fun loving me – let’s call her ‘Naughty Spice.’

The naughty me is winning. That can't be a good thing.
The naughty me is winning. That can’t be a good thing.

Sporty Spice loves cardio, toning, abs, HIIT and stretching. She loves sweating and working out. It makes her feel good, accomplished and very, very fit.Naughty Spice loves the summer, the cocktails, the BBQs, the cheeky beer on the deck, the festivals and all the food and drink that goes with summer socializing.

But Naughty Spice and Sporty Spice are competing against each other and the result is deadlock, frustration and no breaking of the plateau.

In fact, Naughty Spice is winning at he moment, and never mind how hard Sporty Spice is battling against her indulgent, fun loving nemesis, this one Spice Girl ain’t going nowhere for a few months……

So can we have it all?

Sigh, no say my Daisy Dukes, you can’t.

But life is for living, is it not?

Protein bars?

Good or bad? I’ve been trying them all recently. A handy snack to keep in my bag between workouts.

But I seem to have developed a minor addiction to them.

Is three in one day bad? I mean, they are processed, so they can’t be great, can they?

I eat regular still too, but I wonder if the protein bars are just really junk and I’ve fallen hook line and sinker for a marketing ploy.

My current faves are quest protein bars. Blueberry bliss….mmmmm.