Should you buy pre-owned luxury bags Singapore?

Luxury handbags are the central character of many women’s dreams. Whether they want a vintage design or a trendy one; they cannot help but covet at least one luxury bag in their lifetime. Designer handbags are not just expensive; the original vintage designs are challenging to come by in Singapore. Most of the design label stores stock up on their best selling and trending designs, leaving the real vintage stuff on the shelves of their European stores.

Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) famously said in Sex and the City said that she likes her money where she can see it – in her closet. Looking at the millennial and Gen Z population of Singapore, we know how true these words ring with the fashion-savvy community.

The culture of luxe consumerism demands considerable expenditure on the part of the believer. The premium vintage designs from international luxury labels typically cost a pretty four-figures. That is one of the reasons dedicated consumers and first-time skeptics turn to second-hand bag stores for the luxury bags Singapore has to offer.

What is the scene of pre-owned luxury bags Singapore?

“Gently used,” “almost new,” “rarely used” and “pre-loved” are some of the adjectives sellers, and buyers use while selling and buying second-hand luxury goods respectively. Right now, there are a few brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore and a couple of trust-worthy websites that offer pre-owned luxury bags, but finding a seller you can trust with your hundred-odd dollars is indeed challenging.

Whether you are buying a genuine first-hand item or a pre-loved bag, a few facts about luxury bags remain unchanged. Pre-owned designer handbags can save you a fortune, only if you know how to spot one that is genuine and is in good condition. “It looks like that because I repaired it once” – is a red flag you should never ignore. Most designer bags come with replacement guarantee within a specified period, or their repairs at least meet the standard of crafting of the original bag.

How to verify the quality of pre-loved designer bags in Singapore?

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you score the best pre-owned designer bags in Singapore –

Check the quality of the stitching

The stitching on a luxury bag is always even and sturdy. Typically, the genuine designer brand products do not use contrast stitches or colors of threads that stand out from the rest of the design. Puckered seams, mismatching colors and uneven stitching are telltale signs of poor design, which is uncommon in the genuine luxury bags.

Assess the quality of the material

All the material and accessories that become a part of a designer handbag are of excellent quality. They typically don’t rust or flake. Zips, fasteners, and tags should match the standard of design and quality of the rest of the bag.

Inspect the authenticity of the logo

When you are considering purchasing a bag from a second-hand seller, always remember to check the logo. Logos of luxury brands typically don’t fade, don’t chip or come loose over time. They are gracefully embossed on the primary material or attached as a metal plaque depending on their house style. Misspellings, poor quality, and varying typography are signs of a fake product.

Verify the serial numbers

Did you know? Every designer assigns numbers to their bags to validate authenticity. Check the particular designer and the bag for corresponding serial numbers. If the bag you are looking at has only three digits, while the original designer website says it should have four or five, you have a fake bag in hand.

Check authenticated sellers

Some sellers put up images of the original bag with the real serial number, but they don’t offer the same for sale. If you fear such a fraud, always mention to them that “I want to buy the XXXX bag with serial number YYYY.” In such cases, a fraud seller usually backs out of the deal without costing you any money.

To avoid such unpleasant encounters, always check the availability of luxury handbags at authenticated and reviewed sites only. They might cost $10-$20 more, but they will bear the promise of authenticity.

Pay attention to the description

When an item has the words “Inspired by” or “(name of a particular) style from so-and-so designer,” it is a legal copy. It should cost significantly lesser than the original bag and its pre-owned versions, but it should be equivalently stylish. However, they bear little resale value. Hence you should not consider the legal replicas to be investments.

In Singapore, finding pre-owned bags in the legal second-hand market is not difficult these days. As long as you keep these essential six tips in mind, you should own a new pre-loved designer bag before your next paycheck. It is possible to resell pre-owned handbags at a reduced price, but that is a discussion for another day!