Keep Your Little One in Style: 7 Kids Fashion Trends for 2019

Pay attention to kids fashion trends when choosing clothes for your little one. Follow these 7 trends this summer to keep your offspring in style!

Do you remember the days when childhood was about wearing quirky outfits and playing dress-up?

Children could get away with wearing anything from mismatched patterns to fluorescent colored accessories. As long as the clothes were comfortable and allowed room for fun, we didn’t care how funny we looked.

Today, dressing up your young one in the right style is all the rage. Finding kids’ clothing that matches the latest trend and personal style is becoming a serious job.

At the start of each season, parents are geared up to find the latest kids fashion trends. Fortunately, keeping up on the latest fashion trends can be easy and stress-free. No matter how nature-loving or sporty the kid, there’s a style for everyone.

Check out these latest trends to keep your kid looking their best.

Floral Kids Fashion Trends

Floral outfits are a huge hit every spring and summer. Floral’s timeless appearance will allow you to enjoy floral outfits year after year.

Floral patterns and embroidery can be found in dresses, shirts, skirts, and pants. Whether you’re a fan of large bold patterns or small light embroidery, there’s a style of everyone.

If you’re not in love with floral patterns, then you must check out floral colors. Pastel colors such as light pinks, light greens, yellows, and light blues are in high demand this summer.

Boys, girls, and their parents are sure to enjoy the fresh appearance of florals every year.


Ruffles are a style that seems to come and go. Recently, ruffles were making a comeback and it looks like they’re here to stay. Originally starting in adult fashion, they have permeated kids fashion trends this year.

Clothing brands all over are adding ruffles to this year’s children’s apparel.

If you’re feeling hesitant about ruffles, don’t be! Ruffles can be easily paired with florals to offer an elegant touch. Nature-inspired patterns and sportswear are adding ruffles to keep kids wear fun.

With the number of brands and styles embracing ruffles, there’s a ruffle of every taste this summer.


Do you and your little one love the fun of animal prints? Or are you both fans of organic and fair trade cotton?

No matter which you prefer, anything nature-themed is big in kids fashion trends this year.

As awareness of global climate change and conservation increases, the fashion industry is embracing nature and climate. Children’s clothing made from natural and organic materials can be found everywhere in every style. You and your little ones can do your part and look fashionable, too.


Another timeless style at the top of kids fashion trends today is denim. Beyond kids’ denim pants are denim skirts, jackets, and shirts — popular with both you and your mini-me’s.

However, your young ones don’t need to feel limited to just denim clothes.

Top your little one’s outfit off with the latest denim accessories. Denim shoes, bags, dresses, and jewelry are popping up in brands all over.


The latest in both adult and kids fashion trends is the comfort and style of sportswear.

Children love to get out and be active. The comfort and versatility of kids’ sportswear will allow them to play and explore in style.

Sports-inspired apparel doesn’t just end with the style. Sports-inspired patterns to include race cars, dinosaurs, superheroes, and embroidery for both boys and girls.

Colors for Every Taste

From the bright and the bold to the soft and earthy, color is always playing a role in kids fashion trends year after year. Here are some of the best colors to keep an eye out for this summer.


As mentioned above, pastels are a big hit every spring and summer.

Pastel colors such as light pink and light yellow are looking to stay. Pink is trending in the boys’ and gender-neutral section this summer.

The light colors pair well metallic and earthy tones. Plus, they will keep your kids feeling cool all summer long.


Metallic colors are soaring in the kids’ fashion trends of 2019. Golds, silvers, blacks, whites, and grays are found in all styles and patterns. Again, metallics can be found in both kids’ clothes and accessories.

Stone Island Junior offers lots of metallic colors for you and young ones to choose from. These metallic colors will last well into the Fall and Winter seasons.

Earth Tones

Following this year’s theme of muted colors, earth tones are also found in every style.

Earthy greens, browns, yellows, and blues will pair well with the pastel or metallic clothing and accessories your kid already owns.

Earth tones this season go beyond the dark and dull.

Bold Colors

No need to fear if you and young ones prefer bold bright colors. Bright blues and yellows can still be found trending in your favorite styles. You’ll be surprised where you’ll find bright colors this summer.

Pair them with earthy tones or metallics to add the perfect splash of color in your kid’s wardrobe.

Accent your kid’s outfit with bright colored accessories. Bright colors are a great way to add to your children’s fun and outgoing personalities.

Gender-Neutral Styles

Are you and your children not fans of the “pinks are for girls,” and “blue is for boys” stereotype? With the increasing variety of gender-neutral fashion, you can ditch the stereotype.

Designers are ditching the old school fashion stereotypes and embracing trending styles for children of all genders.

Today’s gender-neutral styles are including a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. The rise in gender-neutral clothing gives every kid options that match their taste and style.

Where to Start

With the wide range of kids fashion styles trending this season you may be wondering where to start.

Creating a mood board is a fun and easy way to find which styles work best for you and your little one.

Have your child pick out some of their favorite interests. If they enjoy sports and the outdoors, start with a sporty mood board. Add your child’s favorite colors and patterns. Then, narrow them down, and you’re sure to find colors and patterns that are trending this season.

This summer’s kids fashion trends are all about comfort, style, and personality. No longer do you need obnoxious colors and patterns to share your kid’s quirky character.

Learn more about today’s kids’ fashion trends and great lifestyle ideas here! You’re guaranteed to find the perfect styles to keep your kid looking their best!