Ravens Middle of Road in NFL Super Bowl Betting

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The 2019-20 National Football League season is almost here, and the Super Bowl betting markets are seeing heightened activity.

This is the time of year when every franchise gets a clean start. Whether you’re a Patriots fan celebrating yet another Super Bowl win, a Browns fan recovering from yet another sub-500 season, or a Ravens fan hoping for a third Super Bowl title, every football fan has cause for optimism in September.

The most objective measure of a team’s Super Bowl title chances is their betting odds. During pre-season, online bookmakers set opening odds for each team. The team odds then go up and down based on how much money is wagered on them. If a large percentage of people are backing in one team, that team’s odds will get shorter to protect bookmakers in the event of their win. On the flipside, if one team isn’t attracting any attention, bookmakers will lengthen their odds in the hopes of someone taking a gamble.

Top Super Bowl Title Odds 

This NFL season will be more or less a repeat of last season, according to the online sportsbooks. The same teams that featured in the conference finals are top of the tree when it comes to 2019/20 NFL futures.

Bet365, one of the world’s best-known online sportsbooks, is listing the New England Patriots as the early-season favorite to win an incredible seventh title in 19 years. Bet365 is paying 7/1 for a Patriots win, followed by last season’s Super Bowl runner-up the LA Rams, 15/2, and the other two conference finalists, the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints, both 8/1.

Ravens in the Middle of the Pack

Despite winning the AFC North for a fifth time in 16 seasons, the Baltimore Ravens are only mid-table in terms of Super Bowl betting odds. The Ravens are going at 33/1 heading into the season, on a par with the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons, both franchises that missed out on last season’s playoffs.

The Ravens are the third-likeliest team from the AFC North to win the Super Bowl. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but the Cleveland Browns – yes, those Browns! – are the most likely, at 14/1. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 18/1, then the Ravens, as mentioned, are 33/1. There are no expectations on the Cincinnati Bengals, who are a 125/1 chance to win the Super Bowl, equal-last in the NFL with the equally hopeless Miami Dolphins.

How to Pay for Super Bowl Bets 

If you’re planning on betting on the Super Bowl, then it’s a good idea to first familiarize yourself with the deposit and withdrawal options. The great thing about using an online bookmaker is that they usually offer a variety of payment options, such as iDebit. iDebit a type of instant debit system that allows sports fans to pay for things on the internet using a bank account.

Before placing a wager, it’s always worth taking a couple of minutes to look over the payment options offered by your chosen online bookmaker. Most sports betting sites offer debit card, credit card, and PayPal. Many offer more flexibility in the form of online payment processors that transfer funds to and from your account within 24-48 hours.

The last thing you want when you win that big Super Bowl wager is to have to wait weeks for the funds. What you want is to be able to head out that same night and buy some drinks for your friends. That’s why it’s important to think about payment options beforehand.

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