Obaid Belresheed’s Belresheed Group Donates PPE Kits to Help with the Pandemic

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The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic took most of the world – individuals, governments, and businesses – by surprise. Emotions of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty have spread across our homes, boardrooms, and parliaments.

But many entrepreneurs and philanthropists, seasoned and novice, are taking a step forward to help. Wealthy enterprising families are making a generous amount of private donations, and this form of giving is proving extraordinarily useful in the light of the on-going global crisis.

While some have pledged to support the development of a coronavirus vaccine, the other few, like the Founder of Belresheed Group – Obaid Ali Belresheed – has announced the donation of PPE kits to help those working at the frontline, relentlessly, for months together now.

Obaid Belresheed (Courtesy photo)

Belresheed, whose nearly billions and millions net worth makes him the richest Emirati businessman, has recently even donated supplies to people of his own as well as other countries affected by the rapidly-spreading coronavirus outbreak, other than contributing towards making PPE kits available to frontliners.

He is of the opinion that the pandemic can no longer be combated individually by a specific country; instead, he believes that the whole world needs to come together and resolve this crisis on humanity. “In these challenging times, I only hope rapid and accurate testing along with timely availability of personal protective equipment prove effective in preventing the spread of the deadly virus. I hope our donation can help the country fight against the pandemic. Knowing that the battle between this disease and humanity is a long journey, but the only thing that can keep us going is optimism,” said Belresheed.

Besides extending support towards curbing the COVID-19 outbreak, Belresheed participates in all the major public initiatives established by the UAE government to combat poverty, development, and education. In fact, his work towards social developments extends far beyond this as he has supported building schools to spiritual projects like a mosque in Sharjah. His commitment and unwavering efforts in the direction of tasks relating to his country’s growth, expansion, and overall betterment have earned him immense respect and repute and trust from people, colleagues, and importantly, the members of the government. More than fame and success, he believes that having won the trust and reliability of people holds a higher degree of value.

Through all these years of his entrepreneurial journey, starting in 1993, he states, he was able to rise from rock bottom – be it in having a team of over 1700 employees globally or setting up multiple businesses under the umbrella brand Belresheed Group – because of his will to face challenges and emerge stronger, bigger, and better.

Belresheed’s contributions and initiatives for people, communities, and the world are more than often quick and proactive. Time after time, he finds effective and innovative ways to provide for immediate, yet, long-term needs. And his approach only strengthens the cause that the need of the hour is for the world to come closer, not further apart!

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