Montreal is a Real City of Two Unequal Parts

For Pietro Triassi Montreal has been a source of creativity, peace and of tranquility which has inspired so much of his paintings. It is easy to understand why a fine artist like him would find such sanctuary and such motivation from Montreal, as it really is one of those delightful cities which brings great joy and happiness.

For my money, the aspect of this city which I love most is the mixture, the meeting up of ideas and the combination of so much which is just a pleasure to see. Pietro has mentioned this coming together before, and it is quite clear the inspiration which that is able to offer.


One of the most obvious examples of this difference which can be found in the city is, of course, the languages which you will hear. The state of Quebec is heavily influenced by the French language and culture and it is actually incredible that they have kept the language here. Wandering around Montreal you’ll find many people who speak both French and English, and you’ll also find many who only speak one or the other. The culture and language is quite fascinating to see co-existing.


Another wonderful example of the meeting of things which you’ll find in Montreal is the temperature which depending on the season, will swing greatly. On the one hand, you have the winter freeze where temperatures can plummet to as low as minus twenty-five degrees, and then on the other hand you have the scorching summers where you can expect to find temperatures of thirty degrees. As you can see the swing in temperature is enormous yet the people of Montreal still manage to make the most of it, with winter sports in December and outdoor carnivals and river swimming in the summer.


Generally speaking, this is a very traditional city that still boasts building designs and styles from times gone by, as well as delightful and ornate features throughout. Whilst to the eye however things seem to be somewhat traditional, the way in which those buildings are used couldn’t be further from their aesthetic. This is a city that is very trendy and has a thriving art scene as well as some super trendy neighborhoods. This is yet another example of how well this city combines two opposing forces or ideas, making those amazing old buildings exciting spaces for modern ideas and behaviors.

The final observation which I wanted to make reference to is the difference between space and people, this is a city that feels as though it has been built for one million people, but then they only decided to put half that in. You have the spaces, the number of buildings, the infrastructure, and the transport links for a huge amount of people, yet they are never full and that gives the city this beautiful feeling of peace and tranquility.

Montreal is a meeting of two parts if ever I have seen one