Nabil Fakih – Booking Travel In The Wake of a Pandemic

My buddy Nabil Fakih and I have traveled all over the world and we had to change and alter so many plans because of the Covid-19 situation that it has been quite a hectic couple of months. Naturally, we are both itching to get on the road again, but there are of course many questions that surround that given that so many countries are on lockdown or enforcing quarantine for visitors. We are still making travel plans although we are taking extra precautions, way more than we normally would. Here then is what we are looking at in terms of travel plans in the future.


The earliest that we are looking at in terms of making travel plans is October and to be honest those plans will be featuring a lot of domestic travel rather than heading further afield. We hav our first plans to go abroad in November. The biggest danger that we have here is that once some countries start to relax their laws regarding the lockdown that there is then a second wave for us all to worry about, but the truth is that we have to take a small risk here. I must add that we have not spent crazy money on those travel plans as most insurances won’t cover us if there is a second wave, understandably so.

Tourist Traps

The decision will ultimately be yours but there are two main things to consider with regard to the tourist attractions that you go to see. The first possibility is that you find yourselves at an open tourist attraction with plenty of space and not very many people, which of course would be incredible. The second possibility however is that you find many of those tourist attractions are in fact closed down, which of course is not going to ensure that you have a very positive vacation. Make sure that you check out every detail about things that will be open, transport options, and the availability of tickets before you decide to visit a particular location.

Taking Advantage

If you are unsure about traveling or booking up then that is perfectly understandable, but there are some sensational deals out there, which really shouldn’t be missed. Now if you think that traveling in October is too soon then a better option may be early next year and many of the airlines are still offering heavily discounted flights throughout January and February. The best advice which I could give is to make sure that you are always using a trusted and a big airline because there is of course always a danger that the airline will go bust.

Whatever you do, it is essential that the same day that you book any travel plans, that you also recognize the importance of booking travel insurance alongside it. Follow this advice and you could be traveling in no time at all, without paying anywhere near full price.