John Eilermann St. Louis – Why You Are Never Too Old To Travel

For John Eilermann St. Louis had been his home for over 50 years, he was a good friend of my father’s and after he passed away I reconnected with John and we began to write letters to one another, sharing stories about my dad and some other chat about our lives and our families. John hadn’t grown tired of St Louis per se, but he did mention to me on multiple occasions about his desire to go traveling, and it was something which he had never done that he’d like to. I was pretty vocal to John about this, especially when he spoke about missing the chance to have gone traveling, something which I just don’t believe can happen, and here is why I think you are never too old to travel.

Age Limit

Nobody has ever put an age limit on travel, nobody has ever said that because you have reached a certain age you are no longer permitted to go to Machu Pichu, or to the Serengeti. The only people who say that you are too old are the people who are either jealous that they never did it or who buy into whatever society is telling them. There has never been an age limit and there will never be an age limit.


When youngsters go traveling and have to stay in grotty little hostels sharing with another 10 people it is normal to save money and make their money stretch as far as it can, and that makes perfect sense. When you are older however most people have their finances in a much healthier position and that gives them the chance to travel in a little more style and comfort, and why shouldn’t they! Traveling with money is the best way to travel.


When you are 18 years old and traveling the world, the focus is generally on the party and the making of friends, rather than the landmarks which you’d like to visit. When you are older however you have a far deeper appreciation for culture and that makes travel all the more valuable. Whether it is going to the Taj Mahal or visiting Petra, you will take far more value from these places than you would do if you were younger, and it becomes a far more immersive experience than simply going to places for the photo and to say that you’ve been. Traveling when you are older is a far more fulfilling experience.


It has been proven time and time again that travel is good for your health, it helps to keep your body and your mind younger and well, what older person wouldn’t like to give themselves that kind of health boost! From the additional physical activity to the happiness which travel can bring, this is a perfect health boost which you need in your life.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, you go get your travel on, regardless of how old you are.